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Oct 20, 2022 Stage TEN

7 Stellar Examples of Brands Using Live Shopping

Marketers and the internet are always buzzing about the elusive “next big thing”. And we’ve all lived through plenty of “next big things” that didn’t turn into much of anything—who can forget the 2021 hype around Clubhouse or the always-missed, never forgotten Vine

But live shopping is actually the next big thing in marketing and e-commerce. It’s already making a huge impact on the world of commerce. 

Live shopping exploded onto the scene in 2020 in China with Alibaba’s live-streamed campaign for Singles’ Day—a popular Chinese shopping event. Within 30 minutes, the event generated $7.5 billion in total transactions. 

And while China did it first, the rest of the world has been quick to leverage the live shopping phenomenon. By next year, 2023, the live shopping industry in the US will be worth approximately $23 billion

Lots of brands are recognizing the power of live shopping and making their mark on the industry. Take these examples as your benchmark and start planning how your brand can make an impact using live shopping. 


1. Target

Produced by Stage TEN

After the success of one of their first live shopping events—which was nominated for a Webby and currently has over 70k views on YouTube—Target went all in with their live shopping strategy in 2022. They worked with Stage TEN to create a 9-episode series that leveraged the viral Target Challenge sensation. 

With the help of some of the internet’s most-loved duos, they created a series full of fun, surprises, audience engagement, and of course shoppable Target items. Viewers were invited to vote, comment, and ask their hosts questions—and the engagement experience helped propel the series through each of its 9 episodes.

With hosts like fashion and beauty besties Jazzmyne Jay and Essence Gant, “Love is Blind” power couple Lauren and Cameron, and the Montoya Twinz, Target was able to tap into a new audience each week. 


2. Aldo

When Aldo decided to run a live shopping pilot program in Canada, they knew they needed to find a way to engage their audience in a new way. They decided to use influencers to help them tap into an already existing and engaged audience. 

They partnered with stylist Mimi Cuttrell and TikToker Nate Wyatt to present their spring 2021 catalog. Cuttrell and Wyatt highlighted their favorite Aldo products and gave audience members the chance to see items live without ever leaving their homes.

The event had an engagement rate of 308% and drove approximately 17,000 page views to the Aldo website in the 5 days following the event. 


3. Netflix

Produced by Stage TEN

When Netflix partnered with Stage TEN to create a shoppable Bridgerton event, viewers tuned in to get a sneak peek at all things Bridgerton. The event was to celebrate and sell the PAT McGRATH LABS x BRIDGERTON II limited-edition collection. 

With beauty expert Jackie Aina tapped to host, audience members were able to watch as Aina created a Queen-approved look using the collection while chatting with Pat McGrath. The audience learned everything they needed to recreate the look at home that would have them feeling like this season’s incomparable. 

With over 40,000 views on YouTube currently, the event brought in an interesting mix of Bridgerton fans and makeup enthusiasts who were able to buy the exclusive collection while they watched it being used in real-time.


4. KitKat

When KitKat decided to use live shopping to support their KitKat Chocolatory Australia stores in Melbourne and Sydney, they were looking for a different approach to what has become “standard” for live shopping events.

They ran a Facebook live stream where you could not make a purchase directly in the video player. Instead, it encouraged viewers to purchase Comment to Message, which uses comments within the stream to trigger Facebook Messenger conversations.

While this may leave something to be desired in terms of user experience, the campaign generated more than one-third of KitKat Chocolatory Australia’s annual sales. It also achieved:

  • A 23-point upturn in brand awareness among Australians aged 35–44
  • 2.2x lift in intent to purchase for KitKat Chocolatory
  • 3x increase in online sales via KitKat’s Australian website.

5. ITEM Beauty

Produced by Stage TEN

As part of YouTube’s first-ever weeklong live commerce event, Stage TEN partnered with Addison Rae and her brand ITEM Beauty in December 2021. Using products from ITEM Beauty and fragrances from ARF, Rae shared all the tips and tricks to look camera ready for the holidays with over 645,000 views currently on YouTube. 

Sometimes, it is best to have a brand rep or team member who knows your products inside and out host your event as it shows your products in their best light. Being a TikTok celebrity who also is the brains behind ITEM Beauty, Rae was the clear choice to host an event for her brand.

Another lesson to be learned from Rae’s live shopping event—be yourself! With live streaming, there are bound to be moments when things don’t go as planned. Rae rolled with the punches and made herself more relatable by doing so. 


6. L'Oreal

L’Oreal Group makes up 36 of the biggest beauty and fashion brands available across the globe. Many of their brands have started using live shopping to make an impact on their brands. 

Using their owned and operated websites as well as social media platforms, Urban Decay, Lancôme, NYX Cosmetics, Kiehl’s, and It Cosmetics started hosting shoppable live streams in 2020. Taking a page from all great live shopping events, these events featured celebrities and influencers doing makeup tutorials and sharing their skincare routines, various discounts and giveaways, and free shipping on all orders placed that day.  

When Kiehl’s Malaysia used Instagram to host their “virtual open house” event, advisors encouraged viewers to purchase by commenting with a specific hashtag that opened a conversation in Instagram Direct, by visiting Kiehl’s Instagram Shop, or by visiting Kiehl’s website. Fifty-nine percent of online sales during the campaign were attributed to these efforts.

Always at the forefront, L’Oreal is also experimenting with 1-on-1 video consultations and virtual makeup try-ons to help improve the shopping-from-home customer experience.


7. Gordon Ramsay x HexClad

Produced by Stage TEN

Stage TEN also partnered with Gordon Ramsay and Hexclad in December 2021 as part of YouTube’s first-ever weeklong live commerce event.

Creating an at-home, personal experience, Gordon went live from his home and taught audience members how to make the ultimate holiday dinner using his favorite line of pans, HexClad.

For 45 minutes, viewers tuned in to learn how to make a stunning appetizer, entrée, side, and dessert for the holidays. By bringing people into his home, Ramsay’s live shopping event created a deeper level of connection and engagement from the audience. It built a level of trust that was reflected in the ongoing audience engagement. 

If you’re ready to create your live shopping event, Stage TEN is here to help. Create a live stream, add audience interactions, and monetize it all in one place.


Livestream e-commerce with Stage TEN gives you the power to not only sell your products live but also allows you to truly interact with your audience. Using live polling, voting, and pulling comments directly onto your live stream, your customers will feel like they are actively participating in your event… because they are!

If you’re ready to go live with your brand today, let’s partner!

Published by Stage TEN October 20, 2022
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