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Jul 18, 2022 Stage TEN

The Results Are In: Live Shopping Increases Sales & Engagement

At Stage TEN, we believe the old saying “the proof is in the pudding”.

We can tell you again and again how live shopping is going to transform your brand, but we know it’s better to show you how live shopping is going to transform your brand.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands to create and produce their live streams using Stage TEN. We’ve also worked with some phenomenal companies who’ve used the Stage TEN platform to create and produce their own exciting and engaging live commerce events. 

To show you that Stage TEN should be your first choice when it comes to live commerce, we’ve crunched the numbers and examined the data to show you exactly how live commerce can increase sales and engagement for your brand—no matter what your niche.


Netflix & Bridgerton Live Shopping Special

The Netflix + Bridgerton live shopping special brought in viewers by the droves. The live stream was produced by the Stage TEN team and garnered a record shattering number of viewers who tuned in to see beauty expert Jackie Aina create a Queen-approved look using the PAT McGRATH LABS x BRIDGERTON II limited-edition collection. While Jackie was on the phone with Pat McGrath herself, the audience learned everything they needed to create a look that would have them feeling like this season’s incomparable.



Real Talk with Romeo Hunte

Shopping your favorite designer's latest collection probably sounds like a dream come true. And that’s what we did for Romeo Hunte fans—the Brooklyn-based designer gave fans a live tour of his studio and hosted an interactive styling session with co-host and fashion expert Essence Gant. The audience had the opportunity to shop the collection LIVE and win a chance at a Romeo Hunte original. And shop they did! “I truly believe this is what the future of fashion looks like,” said Romeo Hunte after his live event.

Dee Ocleppo Live Shopping Launch

Hosting her first live shopping show alongside Stage TEN and Mary Alice Stephenson, Dee Ocleppo-Hilfiger invited the audience into her home for an interactive experience featuring fan call-ins and her latest fall collection. It was an overwhelming success in impressive sales and a conversion rate that easily surpassed the industry standard of 1-4%

Foo and Foo Live Shopping Special

Partnered with Foo and Foo, Foo Tube featured hosts Elizabeth Hilfiger and Dae Shik Kim taking the audience through an interactive fashion show where they voted for the best looks and shopped unreleased pieces. The special was featured on Women’s Wear Daily and increased sales and transactions during the 1-hour special.


Game Show

The Flip Zone with The Gronks

The Gronkowski Brothers got the memo when they went live with the Stage TEN created and produced The Flip Zone. This game show featured Chris Gronkowski, his brothers, and his Ice Shaker products. The brothers went head-to-head in a flip cup/truth or dare hybrid where the loser of each flip cup round had to complete a dare determined by the audience. Stage TEN and Ice Shaker leveraged a 25% off offer on their complete collection to give their live audience even more value. Ice Shaker’s audience took advantage of the savings and came out in droves to buy their favorite insulated cups!

MTV Wild 'N Out Interactive Special

We produced an hour-long, interactive special in partnership with Wild ‘N Out, preceding the official premiere of their 16th season. The special allowed fans to vote in real-time, choose games for the participants to play and buy exclusive merch. It was featured in Rolling Stone, currently has over 1.16 million views, and brought in an engaged audience who was ready to shop!


Shoppable Gift Guides

YouTube Holiday Stream & Shop

Partnering with YouTube for their first live commerce weeklong event, the 6 specials varied across different categories including cooking, beauty, and interactive games. It featured creators like Gordon Ramsay, Addison Rae, MrBeast, and Patrick Starrr selling products from their own brands, sponsors, and drops. Stage TEN produced and created all six specials and brought in over 2 million views and 1.4 million Live Chat messages.



WHY DON’T WE Live Album Signing Party

In partnership with Atlantic Records and Stage TEN, the band did a 2-hour live pop-up style CD signing and invited fans from all over the world into the show. The audience was full of fans who were excited to place their orders for the new album—once again showing that live commerce events convert audience members into buyers more effectively than traditional e-commerce.


Live commerce will increase your sales and engagement—as we said, the proof is in the pudding! If you’re ready to see how Stage TEN can help bring your brand into the world of live shopping events, reach out!

Contact us today to explore how your brand can partner with us. 

Or get started on your own! Create your free account now and go live!

Published by Stage TEN July 18, 2022
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