Best practices

Go live on the regular, talk with your audience and make them a part of the show.


Best Practices

Stream on the regular - pick a time and do it consistently to build an audience. That way, people know when to join the next one. If they know how to tune in, they can help you spread the word.
Don't be shy about providing clear and detailed product descriptions and making calls to buy. You can have fun with it and play little shopping games with your audience.
Call out the time and date of your next show, this will help viewers discover your streaming schedule.
Offer special deals and promotions during your live shopping stream to encourage purchases and drive engagement.
Talk to your audience and respond to them like they’re in the same room. Respond to chat messages like you are in a conversation and thank buyers by name.
Engage with your audience before, during, and after your live shopping stream by asking for feedback, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and responding to comments and messages.

Actions for Success

Do Tech Checks:
Prior to your live shopping stream, it is important to conduct thorough technical checks of your internet connection and equipment. 
Run a cue to cue to ensure you are able to smoothly transition between different elements of the stream, such as showcasing products and activating interactions.
Team Up:
Consider additional support during the stream for technical assistance, creative input, or audience moderation.


Invite Friendlies:
Invite some friendlies to actively participate in the stream by commenting on the products, making purchases, and sharing the stream with their networks.


Expect the Unexpected:
Have a plan in place for handling any technical issues that may arise during the stream, such as internet connectivity problems or audio/visual issues.


Involve other creators or brands to cross-promote each other's content and reach a broader audience.


Utilize social media and other marketing channels to promote your live shopping stream and increase awareness of your brand.


Use recordings to create highlight reels which can be shared on social media or other platforms to promote future streams.


Expand Reach:
Multistream to social and direct audiences back to your live commerce channel.  It's a great way to let your followers on other social platforms know you're live and discover your live commerce channel.

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