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Aug 18, 2022 Stage TEN

Why Some Social Platforms Can't Successfully Adopt Live Shopping

Last week, Facebook announced that it will be shuttering Facebook Live Shopping as of October 1, 2022. The feature was first introduced as a way to give brands and creators a simple, interactive way to sell their products while directly connecting with their audience. 


Facebook is now moving away from live video shopping to concentrate on other forms of video. The social media giant pointed to the shifting viewing behaviors of consumers to more short-form videos. Because of this, Facebook said it will be focusing on Reels, Meta’s short-form video product. 

But if data has shown us anything, it’s that live shopping works—it has been a huge success in China and we’re seeing that success repeating closer to home. In the US alone, the live shopping industry is projected to reach over $50 billion by 2023 and nearly $80 billion by 2025


So why is it not working for social media platforms?

It all comes down to logistics—when you are shopping live, as a consumer, you want a seamless process akin to shopping online. You want to be able to add to cart without missing a beat or the next joke or recommendation from your favorite influencer.

Each social media platform has proprietary shopping software, which means consumers need to learn a brand new checkout process each time. Each platform also has its own process for connecting your store and selling, which means brands and creators are required to set up their shop through a new platform every time they want to go live.

The reality is that it doesn’t have to be this difficult to go live, sell stuff, and get yourself a piece of that $50 million pie!

And you don’t have to miss out on the amazing reach of going live on your social channels. 

All you need is a live commerce platform that makes it simple to go live, monetize your streams, and even multi-stream across 5 of the most powerful social platforms in the world. 


All you need is Stage TEN. 

With Stage TEN’s Pro Studio, Mobile Studio, and Interactive Player, you can create live shopping experiences that connect you directly to your audience seamlessly.

Our Pro Studio gives you the power to mix live streams from anywhere and add and control clips, graphics, and interactions with our easy-to-use live stream control room. Above all else, you can engagingly sell your products during a live, interactive show.

The Mobile Studio allows you to go live as easily as making a phone call. All you need is a great internet connection and a phone to increase revenue and build meaningful relationships with your audience — no production skills needed!

You can deliver real-time interactive content with our Interactive Player. Powered by Stage TEN’s real-time content delivery network, it lets you start your own interactive, commerce-enabled D2C channel.

Your audience members never have to leave the player to make a purchase, giving them a seamless, easy-to-execute experience. Paired with our unique engagement opportunities—pulling messages on-screen, voting, polling, and more—your audience will leave your live commerce event excited to participate in the next one!

Add to that the ability to simultaneously stream across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and LinkedIn, and Stage TEN gives you everything you’ve ever wanted from a live commerce experience.


Stage TEN is the leading live video commerce company and if you’re ready to make moves—and money!—you can get started today for free.

Published by Stage TEN August 18, 2022
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