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Feb 13, 2023 Stage TEN

Why Live Shopping is a Successful Sales Tool for Small Brands

When you think of live shopping, you might first think of some of the fantastic events that more prominent brands have created for their audiences. From MTV and Target to Netflix and Pat McGrath Labs, big brands have been making waves in the live commerce arena for a few years now. 

And while you might hear about the success stories of these well-established brands, the beauty of live shopping is that any brand—big or small—can harness the selling power of going live.

Live commerce offers unique benefits to smaller brands that can help them connect more deeply with their audience and increase their conversions. 


Putting your customer front and center

With live commerce, your brand can focus on your customers in a way that ecommerce can’t quite capture. You can showcase the products you know they are interested in, answer their questions live, and bring them into an interactive experience akin to the one-on-one in-person shopping they are used to. 

One of the many benefits of in-person, brick-and-mortar shopping is the ability to try things on, test products, and ask questions in the moment. Live shopping is a great chance to bridge the gap between traditional commerce and ecommerce—you can solve their problems in real time and give them an up-close-and-personal look at your products.

When you create content, keep your ideal customer in mind. Aim to help, entertain, and educate them every time you go live.


Being your authentic self

Audiences and customers are looking to connect with brands they trust. Eighty-one percent of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying, so building that trust, no matter the size of your brand is essential. For Gen Z, in particular, finding brands that are transparent and share the same values has a profound impact on their purchasing decisions. 

This is an area that smaller brands can shine because they often have closer relationships with their customer base. Live shopping can build that trust further and give small brands a chance to put their authenticity on display.

Building this trust comes down to the host—finding a brand or product expert within your company is a great way to nurture the relationship between the brand and the customer. It allows your customers to feel seen and heard and will enable you to showcase your brand in the best possible way. 

Regardless of the scope of your event, your host should focus on creating an authentic space by being open, honest, and engaging with audience members.

Want to learn more about finding the perfect host for your live shopping event? Read Brand Expert or Influencer: The Perfect Host for Your Live Shopping Event.


Reaching a bigger audience

If you operate your ecommerce business through Shopify, Stage TEN’s platform is integrated into Shopify’s Shop App. This integration gives you the unique opportunity to reach an even larger audience.

Using Shopify’s Shop App, you can now go live to all of your followers in the app! Plus, it sends out a notification to your followers every time you go live, giving you a built-in, informed audience ready to join your live shopping events.


Working smarter, not harder

As a smaller brand, it can be easier to make decisions and action new initiatives—this means when you green light live shopping, you can quickly get it done. 

With Stage TEN, you can chat and transact with customers in real-time as easily as making a phone call with the Mobile Studio app. And if you are looking for a more robust solution, Stage TEN Pro Studio gives you all the tools you need to go live and sell stuff from anywhere with the benefits of adding and controlling clips, graphics, and interactions within the stream.

No matter which platform you choose, Stage TEN is all you need to start adding live commerce events into your sales and marketing strategies.

Ready to make waves in the live commerce arena? Then we’re ready for you! Reach out today and see how adding live commerce to your streams lets you earn more revenue and interact with your audience.


Published by Stage TEN February 13, 2023
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