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Apr 13, 2022 Stage TEN

The Next Big Trend In Beauty? E-commerce Live Streams

Whether it’s a glossy lip or a bold red, 90s-inspired looks or Euphoria-influenced styles, trends come and go in the beauty industry pretty much every season. And while the style trends may not stick around for too long, the marketing and sales trends in the beauty industry tend to have a bit more staying power.

The latest innovation in beauty sales and marketing? E-commerce live streaming. It’s an amazing way for potential customers to see what your products are all about. You can try them on live, have a variety of models with different skin tones, and allow your audience to ask questions—and get their answers—live. It’s an amazing way to showcase your products. And when you monetize your live stream, it becomes an effective way to sell your products as well.

While we are still just starting to see what is possible with beauty brands utilizing live streaming to promote their products, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some truly visionary beauty brands taking the first step into this new world of sales and marketing.

So what can happen when entertainment meets e-commerce? Brand recognition, increased sales, audience engagement… to put it simply, brand magic!

An Exclusive Launch with Lunar Beauty

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Manny MUA is no stranger to the world of online video—his hilarious and relatable YouTube videos are what solidified him as a go-to makeup influencer. So it is no surprise that when Manny launched his line of cosmetics, he was quick to adopt e-commerce streaming. In his live e-commerce stream “GRWM: Let’s Talk…” Manny went live to his audience of nearly 5 million subscribers to get holiday-ready and share Lunar Beautys holiday collection. As the comments rolled in, Manny showed how to use his Lunar Beauty products live while answering questions. And Lunar Beauty used an exclusive discount code to motivate shoppers to buy!

Get to Know Addison Rae & ITEM Beauty

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The wonderful thing about live streaming is that your brand’s personality truly gets to shine through. Whether you use a brand ambassador or you are the face of your brand, going live gives you the chance to put your brand front and center. That’s what ITEM Beauty does when its founder Addison Rae goes live. In “Live with Addison Rae” Addison brings her bubbly personality and her favorite ITEM Beauty products to get ready for the holidays with her 4.5+ million subscribers. By interacting and celebrating with her audience, Addison draws them in and shows them how to get the most out of her ITEM Beauty faves.

Getting Red Carpet Ready with One/SIZE

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What’s more fun than taking your audience with you to an amazing event? Having them help you get ready of course! That’s exactly what Patrick Starrr did with his e-commerce live stream “Get Ready With Me LIVE!”. As he got ready to walk the red carpet for a movie premiere, he used his One/SIZE beauty products to pull together his look showcasing the broad range of products while getting the audience hyped. It’s a great way to create buzz about your products—the event gets them excited, and the products become an extension of that excitement.

How Live Streaming Increased Revenue for Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown—part of the Estée Lauder family—has used live streams to help build their brand and increase revenue. In fact, in November 2020, the company reported that its brand sales had increased 60% during the first quarter. They attributed this growth in part to the increased customer engagement on their live streams. Bobbi Brown’s YouTube channel has 2 different live series, “Live From LA, It’s Nikki” and “Skin Sessions”. In Skin Sessions, they use audience engagement to draw customers in—as experts break down certain products, they would answer questions as they came in through the chat. Answers to your questions right then and there is one of the biggest benefits of streaming live.

Live, Shoppable Makeovers with Target, Ulta & Clinique

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UltaxTarget_StaticAssets_FB Video 1920x1005 (2)

Ulta and Clinique brought together two experts, Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member, David Lopez and Clinique’s Global Ambassador, Melissa Barrera, to share all the tips and tricks live. In “Glow Up With David Lopez & Melissa Barrera”, they used all their Clinique favorites in a live tutorial. By using audience voting, they invited their audience directly in and made them feel a part of the experience. 


These 5 beauty brands are ahead of the game when it comes to live streaming and e-commerce. If you’re ready to take your brand to new heights, Stage TEN can help!

We’ll work with you to create the most exciting live stream formats and events imaginable—contact us today and let’s make magic!

Published by Stage TEN April 13, 2022
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