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Jun 29, 2021 Tom Novakoski

Moving your live event online: Here’s how Stage TEN can help

We’ve been asked by many organizations on how STAGE TEN can help turn their in-person live event into an exceptional virtual livestream experience.

With the coronavirus capturing all the headlines in recent days, many conferences and events are facing postponement, or cancellation. From music festivals like Coachella, to technology events like Collison — the current state of the world has made it difficult to bring people together to learn, socialize, and network.

It’s a challenging environment, but one we think can be overcome with technology and thinking outside the box.

With mobile network technology almost everywhere and an abundance of cell phones and webcams capable of capturing high-quality video, there is no reason events can’t move forward from anywhere, anytime. While face-to-face communication is still the best way to make a personal connection, you can still maintain some semblance of human interaction with a well-produced virtual event, which allows the participants to naturally interact and play off each other in near real-time.

How STAGE TEN is different from other conference or livestream platforms

Between platforms like google meet, zoom, restream and — how do you decide what works best for you? The STAGE TEN pro studio is designed to function as a tv broadcast switcher in a web browser. You can create professionally produced shows and broadcasts quickly and easily, from any location. You can drag and drop multiple live feeds, add custom branded overlays and graphics, and pre-recorded videos. Unlike a video conference, you can distribute your broadcast to a custom landing page or the social channels of your choice (yours, speakers’ account, or sponsors’ accounts).

So what kind of events can be quickly transitioned from in-person to virtual? Here’s a list to give you an idea:


From walking the show floor to attending keynotes and educational sessions, conferences offer a unique challenge and opportunity moving to a virtual environment. A well executed virtual event strategy can provide a full conference experience, including:

Digital Presenters & Stages

One of the most important aspects of any conference, a successful virtual conference would include sponsored digital stages, where attendees could watch and interact with keynote speakers in real-time along with Q&A sessions. The stages could be broadcast on the conference website and across public or private social media platforms. Session presenters can present from the comfort of their own homes and join the livestream with a simple link.

Digital Exhibitor Booths

A big part of the conference experience is visiting exhibitor booths, and the virtual conference should be no different. Digital booths can exist as 24hr social tv channels that loop product and demonstration videos, and allow for real time video chat between guests and exhibitors during show hours.

Digital Networking Gatherings

Round tables and panel discussions are key elements of any conference. Subject matter experts discuss hot topics and exchange views, and then take Q&A from the audience. In a virtual conference event, panels would work in a similar manner, with a host examining a topic by bringing in participants from anywhere in the world via a simple webcam or mobile phone. We have a variety of panel layouts to choose from where you can custom brand each experience. 

The Classroom Experience

Schools, yoga classes, seminars — any type of class can be run virtually through the STAGE TEN pro studio. In a virtual classroom, a teacher or professor can broadcast their lesson or lecture to a virtual audience of students, who can respond, give feedback and ask questions in real-time via their own device or webcam. By creating a virtual classroom with bi-directional communication in real-time, students can be engaged one on one, a key element in the learning process.

Support for Screen Share, presentations, videos, images, and graphics are all included to enhance the experience for your students.


Live Shows

A fun example of an event which could be moved to the virtual arena is concerts. Be it a musical performance or a standup show, live performances can definitely be turned into virtual events. Professional cameras, mobile phones, webcams, or some combination of those can be used to capture the action on the stage and deliver it to an audience across all social channels. For an even more intimate event, closer access, a VIP experience, or a real time chat with the performer could be enabled for premium ticket holders.

Are you ready to take your live event online?

These are just a few examples of events which can be conducted virtually, but there are many, many more. If you have an event which has been rescheduled or postponed due to today’s challenging times, we’re here to help. Get in touch and we‘ll work with you to determine how we can support your event virtually.

Chat with me to find out more.


Published by Tom Novakoski June 29, 2021
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