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Mar 15, 2022 Stage TEN

What’s Streaming: March 2022’s Top Live Streams

What is streaming live this month? Some really amazing shows that we don’t want you to miss out on!

It can be tough to pin down when brands and creators are going live—sometimes the only way you can really be sure is if you’re lucky enough to catch an announcement on social media or in your overcrowded inbox from your favorite brands and creators.

Think of this as your notification! Each month, this is where you’ll find all the best live streams—from live shopping events to interactive party games, here’s what’s streaming in March 2022.

Target Live: Spring Getaway Challenge — March 17, 2022 @ 6pm ET

Produced by Stage TEN

Have you heard of the Target Challenge? Well, Target is getting in on the fun and hosting their own spring getaway themed challenge, live! And they’re taking it to the next level by making all the gift swap items shoppable—so you can have fun AND pick up a few new items for yourself. You’ll get to watch as the internet’s most loved duos surprise each other with their picks. 

Target is running a whole series of challenges, each with a new dynamic duo and new theme. Tune in on March 17 as Jazzmyne Jay and Kellie Brown swap gifts, and vote for who you think nailed the challenge! The next stream will be happening on March 31st, so tune in to find out the new theme and new internet duo—set your calendar alerts now!

Walmart Live x Barbie — March 17, 2022 @ 7pm ET

Join Barbie designer Linda Kyaw-Merschon as she goes live to talk about the brand new Barbie Inspiring Women and Career Doll Collections. You’ll be able to shop along as you see some of the dolls from the collections and learn about the inspiration for each doll. Kyaw-Merschon will take you behind the scenes so you can experience everything from the craftsmanship that goes into making a Barbie doll to the people that actually work to create the magic that is Barbie!

SXSW — March 11-20, 2022

If you’ve been dreaming of attending SXSW for years but haven’t been able to make it down to Austin, then this year’s lineup of virtual events is perfect for you. From March 11th to the 20th, SXSW is presenting live (and on demand) online events that can be attended from anywhere in the world. With streams on everything from the future of content to AI and the future of creative human potential, there are a wide variety of incredible events, talks, interviews, and more to enjoy.

The Flip Zone with Chris Gronkowski — March 29, 2022 @ 5pm ET

Produced by Stage TEN

Are you ready to mix 2 of the most beloved party games together? Then you are ready for the Flip Zone—a mix between flip cup and truth or dare where the audience holds all the power! Join Chris Gronkowski and his brothers as they go head-to-head in a round-robin flip-off. They have 30 seconds to get the most flips and the loser of each round has to complete a dare… chosen by the audience! You’ll also be able to shop Gronk’s Ice Shakers live at 25% off and every purchase is entered for a chance to win an autographed merch bundle from the Gronkowski brothers!


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Published by Stage TEN March 15, 2022
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