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Feb 08, 2023 Stage TEN

What’s Streaming: February 2023’s Top Live Streams

Love is in the air as we stroll into February. This month is all about celebrating and elevating the voices of Black creators and business owners, as well as taking some time out to plan for Valentine's Day. Some great live shopping events are taking place to help you do both. 

It can be challenging to find the best live shopping events before they happen. We're excited to announce that Stage TEN is the live video commerce partner for Shopify's new 'Shop Minis' program. The integration is currently the only way for merchants to set up a live video commerce channel in Shop, allowing them to reach shoppers directly. Simply download the Shopify Shop app to get started!

For now, we've rounded up the best of the best live commerce events for the month so you can sit back, relax, and shop!

Read on to find all the best live shopping events on your screen in February 2023.


LiveGifting: THIS is How You Do Valentine's Day at Home — February 9, 2023, @ 3 PM ET

Sure, you could plan a huge night out for Valentine's Day—a fancy dinner on the town, followed by a movie and dancing. But imagine all that from the comfort of your home! Join Malia and Macy's Style Crew Member Rachel Weidner as they plan the ultimate night-in. You'll have everything you need to create an intimate, unforgettable V-Day at home.


Elizabeth Grant & ShopSquad — February 9 2023, @ 7:30 PM ET

Produced by Stage TEN
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Elizabeth Grant is running a can't-miss shopping event to get your skin looking flawless. Join Margot Grant Witz and Lisa Kisber to find your perfect skincare match, shop exclusive kits and receive a gift with your purchase!


Black-owned Beauty Brands — February 16, 2023, @ 4 PM ET

Walmart associate Amber is going live from Washington, DC, to share her favorite black-owned beauty brands stocked in-store. Join her and shop as she dishes on the best beauty products and shares her tips and tricks.


Shop Live with Bamblu — Every Thursday at @ 8 PM ET

Produced by Stage TEN
Are you ready for the best sleep of your life? Then you are ready for Bamblu. Every Thursday, CEO and founder Angela is going live to share all about Bamblu's wonderful moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, softer-than-1000-count-Egyptian-cotton bedding. Tune in for exclusive offers and more.


Empowered by You LIVE Series — February 9, 16 & 23, 2023, @ 8 PM ET

Produced by Stage TEN
Celebrating Black History Month, Stage TEN features some of our favorite Black-owned Shopify businesses with a live shopping experience. Shop along and tune in to get exclusive tips on starting your own business!


With Stage TEN, you can create a live stream, add audience interactions, and monetize it all in one place. Livestream e-commerce with Stage TEN gives you the power to not only sell your products live but also allows you to truly interact with your audience. Using live polling, voting, and pulling comments directly onto your live stream, your customers will feel like they are actively participating in your event… because they are!

Our partners have experienced phenomenal results using our Interactive Player. With integrated in-show shopping, brands have doubled their sales from the previous day, boosted their engagement rates by 70%+, and experienced conversion rates of at least 7%.

Let's partner if you're ready to go live with your brand today!

Published by Stage TEN February 8, 2023
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