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Jun 24, 2021 Sonia Hong

5 Kinds of Live Shows You Can Make on Stage TEN

Are you a YouTuber looking for the next big thing? Have you always wanted to start a video podcast? On a media team tasked with finding new ways to reach and engage with audiences?
With Instagram live (IGTV), Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube Live and the emergence of Tik Tok — there is no shortage of outlets where you can share your live stories. So where does Stage TEN fit in?
The Stage TEN studio was designed for the next generation of creators. By enabling anyone to easily and quickly produce a show that looks like a professional broadcast - Stage TEN lets you take your content to the next level. Easily pull in feeds from multiple participants no matter where they are. Add custom graphics, b-roll, and lower thirds. It’s like a drag and drop TV control room in a browser that lets you broadcast simultaneously to all of your social channels. I know, it’s a lot to take in.
You can take a look at how it all works here:

Here are the 5 kinds of live shows you should be creating on Stage TEN:


1. Game Shows

Remember the game shows your parents watched on TV? Price is right? Family Feud? Or the one where the audience votes whether slime gets poured onto the contestants? Bring these back with an interactive twist and make your game show LIVE. Invite your viewers to become contestants and participate in trivia, quizzes, and win prizes directly from your broadcast. Get wacky by pulling in custom branded graphics, lower third scoreboards, image and video clues to take your game show to the next level.

2. Talk Shows

Live late night talk shows are still going strong on mainstream TV, and killing it by re-posting segments the next day on social media. #AMA’s are proving to be extremely popular on Twitter and Reddit. Now you can create your own live talk show where the audience calls in via video feed to ask questions to their favourite local celebrity, expert in a specific field, or even your beloved grandma. The viewer will feel closer to the host, and more integrated with your channel’s community than ever before. Invite anyone, from anywhere, using any device, set up live panels, and pull in pre-recorded b-roll of your subject matter. Already creating a podcast? Stage TEN makes it super easy to convert it to a vodcast, and offer your audience two windows — the live recorder and the final version can even open up new revenue streams. The world is your oyster!

3. Educational Sessions

Online educators use a multitude of different video conferencing platforms to teach online lessons. Stage TEN can supercharge these live presentations, webinars, Q&A’s, and courses. Easily create interactive educational experiences, choose from a variety of different layouts, and set up quickly and easily. Further engage viewers by inviting special guests and adding interactive polls. Students can chat and participate as if they were in the classroom with you!

4. Gaming

Stage TEN is the easiest and quickest way to get a game stream started. Stream together with friends across the world, sharing multiple player POVs on screen at the same time, and combine chat feeds for fun cross-channel audience interactions. Let Stage TEN create an HD recording for you to reduce CPU load. Use multipoint distribution to go not only multi-platform (Twitch, YouTube Gaming), but multi-channel (stream on yours and your friends accounts). Creating unique presentation styles helps your streaming standout in a crowded field!

5. Live events

Whether you’re broadcasting a live event, or hosting a viewing party for your favourite show — use Stage TEN’s interactive features to make it a hit. Choose different layouts to incorporate live commentary or voice overs from multiple people, use the lower third generator to ask audience questions on the fly and pull in the feed from the actual live event! Mix and switch between live feeds from the main stage, backstage, mobile phone feeds from the crowd, and fan reactions from home.


Democratize media by making your own show and be the master of your own live creative content.

With Stage TEN it is your show, your way.

Published by Sonia Hong June 24, 2021