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Mar 30, 2022 Arka

5 Important Branding Tips for 2022

What would have been considered the gold standard of marketing in 2019 now seems a bit outdated.

In 2021, we’re seeing that most of the conventional branding and marketing strategies have evolved drastically with changes in technology. 

The e-commerce market has taken things to a whole new level, and brands are left to try and grab the attention of customers through a wide variety of branding strategies. 

So, what can you do to gain an edge in branding your product? These 5 tips will help you get on your way to making an impact in 2022.

Why Branding is Important to All Businesses


Your brand is a powerful tool to showcase your business. Another way to describe your brand is the personality of your business. It makes you more attractive to potential customers and helps you stand out from your competitors. It does this by telling people four important things about your business.

Who you are
This tells about your visual identity. This will include things like your logo, website, literature, or packaging. This aspect of your brand will often be the first impression someone has of it.

What you do
This isn’t just about listing the products or services you offer. This is actually about explaining the benefits of those products and services. It is about telling people how these offerings will improve their business or their daily life.

How you do it
It is about the way you deliver your product or service. It also involves communicating the values within the business that are reflected in your professional attitude towards your customers.

Why you do it
This is about sharing the purpose that lies at the heart of the business. What is that single thing that motivates you? What is it that drives you and your business?


Key Branding Tips for 2022

We’ve been watching new brands as well as more established ones to see how they have adjusted their branding strategies in 2022. We’ve gathered up all the goods and we’re sharing them here with you today. Let’s check out five key branding topics that can take your business to new heights.

1. Set Up an Online Store


In 2022, if you don’t have an online store, opening one should be your top priority. The past two years have been the push that many brands needed to take their brick and mortar digital. Because of this, the e-commerce industry has become very busy. It’s important to have an attractive and appealing online store that can generate business. To make your online store attractive you can:

  • Add a clear mission statement that gives a message relatable to your target consumers
  • Create an attractive logo with eye-catching colors
  • Pictures of the goods that you are selling must be in high resolution, preferably taken by a product photographer
  • Add details of your product like dimensions, colors, specifications, etc.
  • You may add a product guide or how-to article

2. Focus on Social Media Marketing


Your brand most likely already has a social media presence, but have you dabbled in paid social media ads? They are a great way to tap into a new market that may not have been exposed to your brand before. You can target based on certain demographics like location, age, gender, and others. You can also create audiences that are based on your current audience—this mirroring effect is a great way to capture an audience that is likely to love your product.

Investing in a social media marketing strategy, one that involves top social media platforms, to increase your reach is a great way to promote your product to a wider circle. Put on a giveaway of your products once a month to draw in a new audience—this can increase engagements, and can also bring new followers.

Hashtags play a key role in social media marketing. You can use different hashtags in your posts that are associated with your products, or even a branded one of your own. How about creating a unique and fun hashtag? You can use a tagline as a hashtag too. Mint is one company that greatly boosted its exposure by building a strong online presence, and it catapulted them from oblivion into recognition.

3. Leverage Social Media Influencers


Influencers are the celebrities of our world—they have a massive audience of followers who are engaged in their content. Finding influencers that fit within your target demographic and tapping into their audiences is an amazing way to get your brand out there.

We’ve helped create amazing branded partnerships between brands like Target and YouTube and influencers like Addison Rae, The Onyx Family, and Patrick Starr.

And while paid partnerships are the best way to approach influencers, you can also send your product to influencers and hope that they love it enough to share on their social channels—it’s important to know that just sending an influencer your product is not a guarantee that they will share it.

4. Give Customers the Unboxing Experience


Everybody loves a good unboxing! So when it comes to packaging your products, this shouldn’t be something you simply skim over. It’s time to put some thought into the processes of packaging and unboxing your product—it plays a vital role in the branding process.

Your customer should be in awe before even opening the product. Use different colors and materials for the packaging. Add a few unique touches to it. You can add a ribbon or a personal card to make it appealing. Some small-scale businesses also add a logo sticker, pen, or a fridge magnet inside the package. These things are small, but it lets the customer know how much you value them—and it makes them feel special! In the long run, this will help you to build a strong relationship with your customers.

And when your product is unboxed on a promotional video, it will give you an additional boost! The wow factor alone is enough to draw a lot of people in.

5. Gather Customer Feedback


If you want your customers to have the best experience and gain their loyalty, then you need to spend time and effort listening to their feedback. Working on customer feedback not only makes you evolve as a brand but also improves the customer-brand relationship that leads to effective marketing.

Same goes for reviews—it’s important to share reviews of your product for other potential customers to see. Reach out to past customers via email to review your product, and when they do, share them on social media. When someone comes across your brand and reads the reviews, they are much more likely to make a purchase from your online store.

So get out there and start working your brand—it’s one of the best assets your business has to attract new customers who will become lifelong supporters of your brand!

Published by Arka March 30, 2022
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