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Apr 20, 2023 Stage TEN

16 Sustainable Shopify Stores to Support

We have all become increasingly aware of the impact we, as humans, have had on Earth. Our resources are limited, global warming is real, and many of us are doing everything we can to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

For a lot of people, that meant reevaluating their shopping choices. People turned away from “fast fashion” and other “fast” products and producers. Instead, they started to look at brands’ sustainability and eco-friendly practices, using that as a guiding light for their shopping choices. 

In the United States, 61% of shoppers listed eco-friendly practices as one of the things they prioritize when making purchases. And more than a third of global shoppers are willing to spend more money on a sustainable product.  

Some of the many ways that merchants are making their businesses more environmentally friendly include:

  • Reducing or eliminating single-use plastics from their supply chain.
  • Reducing packaging and carbon emissions in their shipping practices.
  • Finding renewable energy sources when possible.
  • Prioritizing local suppliers when possible.
  • Offering a carbon offset to shoppers to help balance their impact.

Whether you’re looking for products that can help you lead a greener lifestyle, or you want to support brands that weave sustainability throughout their production and distribution processes, Shopify stores are coming through. 

Here are 16 of our favorite sustainable Shopify merchants doing their part to improve our world.


1. EcoFlow 

EcoFlow was founded to create innovative, eco-friendly power solutions that allow people to cut the power cord, so to speak. To help us maintain our access to electricity while reducing the impact on the planet, EcoFlow designed solar panels, power stations, and other portable power solutions that can go with you anywhere. This company is about creating renewable, clean energy that you can take to work, home, and, most importantly, on the road for all your adventures!


2. Yoloha Yoga 

Want to bring a bit of sustainability to your yoga practice? Look no further than Yoloha Yoga. This yoga company has created a yoga mat made with 70% renewable materials—they use Plant Foam made from sugar cane and cork to make their mats. And their eco-friendly practices don’t stop at their products. They also ship all their products in 100% recycled or recyclable cardboard and kraft paper. And 95% of their warehouse waste is 100% recyclable materials. Finally, Yoloha Yoga has also partnered with EcoCart to help make all of their orders 100% carbon neutral. 


3. Oakywood  

From desks to charging docks to iPad cases, Oakywood was founded on a love for wood and technology. They create wooden furniture and accessories that help to keep your office organized, ergonomic, and stylish! They also take sustainability seriously—they use FSC-certified wood from responsible sources and go further to give back to our planet. They are dedicated to reforestation and plant a tree or 1m2 of forest for every product purchased. 


4. Helm Boots

Who says impeccable style can’t be sustainable? At Helm Boots, they create men’s footwear that can be worn for life. Their tagline asserts, “Our footwear is built to be worn and passed down.” And they take that very seriously. They create boots to last a lifetime using timeless construction methods with premium leather and materials. And they will even resole your boots, meaning you can literally wear them for your entire life and keep countless pairs of shoes out of landfills. 


5. Bombas

A certified B Corp business, Bombas was created to make and donate essential clothing to those who need it most. Socks are homeless shelters’ most requested clothing item, and underwear is the second most requested. So Bombas started creating these items to help their communities. But they also took their sustainable practices seriously. They make their clothes extremely durable, so they last, use responsibly recycled materials when possible, and use 100% recycled materials for shipping. 


6. Jungalow 

If you are looking for design goods and inspiration, look no further than Jungalow. From wallpaper and rugs to art prints and pillows, Jungalow partners with vendors and artisans all over the world to produce quality products and uplift people, communities and the environment along the way. They also take sustainability seriously—Jungalow makes every effort to use recyclable and recycled materials for shipping, and they plant two trees for every product sold. 


7. DAME 

We’ve all been exposed to the negative impact of single-use plastics on the environment in recent years. That is part of why DAME was founded—to help decrease the number of single-use plastic tampon applicators in landfills yearly. They created a reusable applicator that gives you all of the benefits of an applicator without the negative environmental impact. As of June 2022, they’ve saved 18 million disposable plastic applicators ending up as waste. They now have many period products to help make periods as eco-friendly as possible. 


8. Dalasini 

Jewelry brand, Dalasini is known for creating modern heirlooms rooted in African culture. The team behind Dalasini believe that sustainability and style can go hand-in-hand. They make an effort to use antique and recycled beads in some of their collections and also use 100% post-consumer recycled paper in their minimalist packaging. They also work with the African Wildlife Foundation to balance the needs of people and wildlife through advocacy and put an end to poaching.


9. Orta Kitchen Garden 

What’s more sustainable than growing your own veggies? How about growing them without using any single-use plastics? That’s the vision that founded Orta Kitchen Garden. Their products will help you grow your vegetables in the comfort of your home in clay pots that are made with non-toxic materials and processes. Plus, all of their packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. 


10. Bamblu 

Luxury sleep company Bamblu creates products to help you get your best night’s sleep. From bedding and pajamas to calming bath salts and sleep masks, they have everything you need to wake up feeling well-rested. Their textile products are also made from bamboo, which requires zero pesticides to grow and replenishes in 5 years, making their carbon footprint smaller. 


11. etee 

To make it easier for people to ditch plastic for good, etee has developed simple solutions to plastic pollution so that you can live more simply, sustainably, and in greater harmony with our planet. If it can be made plastic-free, you’ll find it at etee. They have plastic-free floss, concentrated house cleaning products, reusable sandwich bags, cleaning clothes, and everything in between.


12. EcoDaisy 

If you want to add a little green into your cleaning regime, EcoDaisy can help you do just that. They created a sustainable, eco-friendly line of surface cleaners, hand soaps, dish soaps, and more that you can wash down the drain and not have a fear of damaging the environment. Often when we think about sustainability, we think about limiting single use plastics and decreasing our carbon footprint. EcoDaisy helps make sure that everything we put into the environment isn’t doing harm.


13. Ilk and Ernie 

Thanks to sustainable fashion brand Ilk and Ernie, you can look good while showing our planet a little love. Ilk and Ernie’s pieces are made from surplus fabric—every season, they purchase, recycle, and reuse leftover fabric from other brands. They take this “waste” into fashionable pieces they sell on their website. This saves on greenhouse emissions and millions of liters of water that would otherwise be used to create these fabrics. 


14. Teapigs 

The first certified plastic-free tea brand, Teapigs uses packaging which is 100% plastic-free. They are also members of The Ethical Tea Partnership, which works to improve tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea workers around the globe, and the environment in which tea is produced. 


15. Rebel Nell 

Using repurposed graffiti and materials, the artists at Rebel Nell create one-of-a-kind wearable art—from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings. Rebel Nell has been certified by the SEWF Certified Social Enterprise, which guarantees that the company is putting the interests of people and the planet above shareholder gain, and honestly, we love to see it!


16. booni doon 

Ready to go zero waste with your skincare? Then you are ready for booni doon. With the promise of creating products that are kind to your skin, our oceans, and the Earth, booni don is 100% plastic-free, cruelty-free, free of harmful ingredients, vegan, and uses reusable and recyclable packaging. They also partner with One Tree Planted to help with reforestation initiatives and ship their products using carbon-neutral shipping practices.


Whether you’re looking for a new tea flavor or a way to make your at-home cleaning processes more eco-friendly, these Shopify merchants can help you become more sustainable in your life—and your shopping! 

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Published by Stage TEN April 20, 2023
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