Stage TEN - Broadcast Together
The future of live broadcasting is here.
Easily create live shows in the cloud
  • Add your performers, friends and followers from anywhere.
  • Mix in live camera feeds, game feeds and pre-recorded videos.
  • Streams shows directly to your Facebook pages and Twitch channels.
Built for social broadcasting
  • Perform alongside your friends from any webcam or phone
  • Preview feeds before you take them live so your fans and sponsors feel safe.
  • Use social networks to increase engagement by notifying and inviting followers to tune in and join you live on screen.
Why you’ll love Stage TEN
  • Run your show from any web browser - no downloads necessary
  • Start broadcasting in 4 easy steps with pre-designed show formats
  • Add pre-recorded videos and graphics to enhance your broadcast
  • Mix and switch between live feeds and videos and turn your live stream into a live show
  • Video processing happens in the cloud so you’re not slowing down your computer
  • Low cost, lightweight, and with no hardware investment
Stage TEN is for any live producer
  • Branded content
  • eSports & Gaming
  • Creators & Influencers
  • Media
Facebook chooses Stage TEN as a Live Solutions Partner
Stage TEN brings
Cloud-Based Production tools to Twitch