VidCon is a global collection of international events that aims to bring digital creators, fans, and brands face-to-face for panel discussions, workshops, meet-and-greets, performances, and more. It’s all about bringing the vibrant online community together, in real life.

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The Challenge

VidCon was built on the notion of face-to-face communication at in-person events. Their events focus on celebrating online video as well as the new world of community-led media that has arisen from the culture built by the creators. When COVID-19 happened, the realities of hosting these conferences drastically changed. VidCon needed to find a new, innovative way to connect with their audiences.
They had been using video conferencing software but it wasn’t giving them the flexibility and freedom to truly have their audiences connect during live, online events. And they needed to find a way to quickly produce high-quality events without the need to learn the ins and outs of television broadcasting.




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The Solution

We partnered with VidCon to help them create three tentpole productions VidCon Now Proud Together, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & YouTube Originals - Producing During Lockdown, and VidCon Now I’m a Performer.  
VidCon was able to amplify the connections they once created in-person—now people from all over the world could come together and have compelling, interactive conversations. It allowed them to expand their reach to people who may have been unable to attend the in-person events and were now able to participate.
Our platform allowed VidCon to easily produce their content and share it with their audience in a way that made people feel like they were right there, having these face-to-face interactions. 

“We were using Zoom, and Zoom is kind of like driving an automatic Yugo. Whereas Stage TEN is like driving a Ferrari with a stick shift, but it’s a lot easier to use than a Ferrari… It just works.”


Jim Louderback, GM of VidCon

The Results

Experience for the creators and speakers has been one of their greatest successes—the smooth production process has allowed them to strengthen their relationships with some of the world’s top online creators. This improvement in the quality of VidCon’s productions has also been felt by their audience—with 865k unique views and over 9.3 million minutes of watchtime, VidCon’s audience base is tuning into their live, online productions at a tremendous rate.
Additionally, VidCon has been able to leverage the Stage TEN platform to maintain its relationship with sponsors. By integrating assets through pre-rolls, post-rolls, and lower thirds from sponsors, VidCon was able to create an experience for the sponsors that brought as much value as their in-person events and also worked well for their audience.



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