TVO is an Ontario-based educational television network and media organization. With programs that support learning both inside and outside the classroom, TVO works to spark powerful moments of education through digital technology.

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The Challenge

When the pandemic first hit, The Agenda with Steve Paikin and TVOKids were faced with the challenge of getting their production teams working remotely. Both teams were unable to create live content in their studio, but still needed a way to engage with their audiences.
TVOKids creates fun, educational content for kids that helps them feel connected to their community. The Agenda with Steve Paikin is a news coverage broadcast that covers current events and features multiple guests per segment.




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The Solution

By partnering with Stage TEN, TVO was able to produce both of these programs without stepping foot in their studio. 
Stage TEN allowed TVO to create shows with hosts and guests in multiple locations and be more creative with their various layouts. They could include videos and graphics throughout the production, create live recordings and so much more, while integrating well into their post-production workflows.

“Without having access to Stage TEN, TVOKids would have never been able to have remained the place of comfort and support of the children of Ontario.”


Marney Malabar, Director of KidsTV

The Results

In the words of Stacy Dunseath, the Executive Producer of The Agenda with Steve Paikin, “Quite simply, Stage TEN allowed us to stay on the air.”
Working with Stage TEN gave the teams at TVO the tools, knowledge, and support they needed to create their programs while working completely remotely. Additionally, Stage TEN allowed both them to find new ways to interact with their audiences—making it easier than ever before.
Stage TEN allowed TVO the opportunity to stream to multiple platforms at once, extending their reach in a way they previously hadn’t thought possible. They were able to create double the amount of content with the same small team efficiently. 
Marney Malabar, Director of KidsTV, also noted the mental health benefits of having TVOKids programming continue throughout the pandemic. Kids thrive on consistency—being able to see the faces they saw every day pre-COVID on their screens meant a lot to their mental health.
People want to have access to the stories they are interested in on their own terms. And we were able to help TVO achieve this using Stage TEN.



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