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A not-for-profit online education platform focused on establishing a strong foundation that creates lifelong learners. Their personalized approach to education aims to empower students to learn at their own pace.

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The Challenge

When the pandemic began, this online education platform recognized the importance of the connection between learner and teacher. They realized that they were going to see a large increase in the number of users on their site and needed a solution that would allow them to create more content quickly and efficiently. 
They saw live streams as a way to create this content. But they wanted to be able to do more than just have a simple conversation between two people—their goal was to connect their teachers, parents, learners, and guest speakers. And they needed to do this completely remotely while adhering to a not-for-profit budget.




Online Education




The Solution

To support and grow their platform, we worked with their team to help pivot to streaming live content alongside their other services. Using Stage TEN, they were able to easily create live streams remotely. While their speakers, CEO, and show producer may have been hundreds of miles apart they were still able to create high-quality content.
They could share overlay graphics with a simple drag and drop function allowing them to share their guests' latest work—from graphics to a webpage to a book cover. 
Working with Stage TEN, the online education platform was able to create high-quality video content, while staying within their budget.

“My favourite feature of Stage TEN is just the simplicity… It may look like it’s professionally broadcasted and done by a team of people but it’s really just me.”


Felipe Escamilla, Video Manager

The Results

By partnering with Stage TEN, the online education platform was able to reach more people with their educational content. Their total learning time—their highest-valued metric—increased by 150%. 
They were able to host live streams with guests like Dr Anthony Fauci, Hasan Minhaj, Francis Ford Coppola, Angela Duckworth, and more.
During this transitional period, they also saw their registered users increase by almost 2x—they went from 70 million users pre-pandemic to 114 million users. 


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