The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at Poynter Institute is an organization dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers from all over the world, promoting best practices and facilitating exchanges in the field.

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The Challenge

Fact-checking has quickly gained more importance globally since we’ve begun having conversations surrounding social media and the internet. As the world continues to discuss these topics, a spotlight has been placed on fact-checkers. IFCN has been working to promote basic standards through the fact-checkers' code of principles, monitoring trends, formats and policy-making worldwide.
Their annual in-person conference—Global Fact—is a chance for journalists, academics and technologists to gather together to network and exchange new insights on fact-checking. Global Fact is the place where impactful ideas from this community come to life and grow into concrete large-scale projects beyond the scope of the conference. 
When Global Fact had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, the team at IFCN needed a way to bring their global conference to a virtual setting.









The Solution

IFCN came to Stage TEN with their issue—they needed to host a global conference that spans multiple countries with a large number of speakers that can also facilitate productive conversations between speakers and audience members. 
Together, we created the first virtual Global Fact conference—a completely digital conference that had over 100 speakers across 50+ countries. We worked with IFCN to ensure the conference would give their audience the ability to have meaningful discussions and conversations—an important element of the in-person conference.

“Organizing a conference in a virtual setting is a hundred percent different than a real-time, in-person conference. Being able to work with such a professional company made it really easy for us in terms of coordinating a massive number of speakers from more than 50 different countries.”


Baybars Orsek, IFCN Director

The Results

Baybars Orsek, IFCN’s Director and the organizer of the Global Fact conference called this year’s virtual conference “the most successful conference” they have ever held.  
Because of the virtual nature of the conference, Global Fact 7 had more speakers and more overall discussion time than any of the previous in-person conferences.
IFCN was able to put every session online resulting in more than 50 hours of content being uploaded to their Youtube channel. All sessions were immediately available after the session was completed which improved the IFCN’s turnout rate dramatically. They also found that the longevity of the online content has been a game-changer. Even after 8 months, these videos are still being viewed and engaged with by people online—something that was never able to happen with their in-person sessions.
By working with Stage TEN, IFCN was able to make a larger impression on the fact-checking community and has established Global Fact as the go-to resource for people who are interested in accessing more information on the subject. 



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