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Equis Financial is the premier insurance marketing organization for independent field agents and agency managers across the United States.

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The Challenge

Equis Financial holds national calls twice a week to bring agents and managers together, and an annual national training convention to immerse them in hands-on education and industry networking.

When the pandemic struck, Equis Financial knew that pivoting to a digital strategy would not only hold the key to engaging its agents during sweeping lockdowns, but to gaining a strategic advantage in a traditional industry ripe for technological innovation.




Insurance Marketing





The Solution

Equis Financial turned to Stage TEN to digitise their national training convention and national calls in a moment of profound change in the insurance industry.

With Stage TEN, Equis Financial had complete creative freedom to elevate their national calls into polished video content, adding branded drag-and-drop graphic overlays, music and other effects into their live streams -- and for the first time, sharing that content across their public social media platforms.

The studio’s user-friendly interface ensured that Equis Financial staff could quickly adapt to directing virtual events using Stage TEN, giving them the flexibility to add and change visual assets on the fly and allowing them to switch a broadcast-worthy national training convention from their browser.

"Other platforms that I have used are just for a standard video call, and in Stage TEN you’re able to put on a show. And you’re able to do it from just your small office in Virginia and make people think they’re watching a full-on production being put on by a TV studio, when really it’s just one person behind the scenes controlling it all."


Alana Forslund, Marketing Director at Equis Financial

The Results

In only 90 days of utilising Stage TEN to broadcast its calls, Equis Financial attracted significant attention from not only its agents and managers, but from the public -- reporting a 10% increase in following and engagement across all its social media platforms. 
On Facebook, a pivotal platform in their industry, Equis Financial saw an astonishing 85% increase in following and engagement.
Equis Financial was also able to recreate the sensation of its in-person national training convention via Stage TEN, captivating attendees for a full ten hours. They streamed multiple live video feeds from the Equis Financial office, as well as speakers from other states. Attendees viewed the convention in real time from across the country, many hosting watch parties with over 50 guests, adding to the feeling of everyone being together. 
Marketing Director, Alana Forslund reported that the switch to digital has been “instrumental” in the continued growth of Equis Financial over the past year, and the team is already planning its next virtual convention in Fall.








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