Bamblu is, first and foremost, a sleep company—they offer their customers the opportunity to get the rest they need to live the life they want. Bamblu believes healthy sleep hygiene starts with a solid foundation, so they created luxury bedding, pajamas, and sleep accessories made of organic, breathable bamboo.  

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The Challenge

After six years in the ecommerce industry, Bamblu owner and founder Angela Hawkins could see that her business was starting to plateau. The Bamblu team needed a new way to talk to their customers and nurture those relationships, but also to sell to them in a way that was seamless and effective.

When Bamblu started seeing other ecommerce companies using live streaming, they knew this would be the best way to connect with their customers. “I wanted to bring live video into our ecosystem,” explains Hawkins. “I wanted to use the opportunity to educate them on the products and then give them an easy path to purchase.”









The Solution

Bamblu came to Stage TEN to help them blend their desire for live connecting with live selling. Using the Stage TEN platform allows Bamblu to host a weekly live sale where they interact with their customers, promoting their product, educating their audience, and selling their products directly on the live stream.

“This platform allows us to stream, sell, educate, and collaborate all at the same time. This is a total solution. Stage TEN has created a process that works. If you are on the edge and you’re trying to decide where you want to go, I’d say try it. You’d be surprised by how easy it is.”  


Angela Hawkins, Founder of Bamblu

The Results

Giving Bamblu customers an uninterrupted path to learn more about the brand and make purchases was an immediate success. Thursday nights became a consistent earner for the brand—Bamblu has seen an increase of 6% in gross sales so far with their weekly live shopping events. Hawkins credits the ease of buying directly on their website in the video player as one of the main reasons their live commerce events have been such a success.

“I’m just telling them to click a button tied directly to a sale that I’m talking about. It made it very simple.”

It also created brand loyalty—even when Bamblu dealt with inventory issues, and sales did not match their most profitable days, they still had a dedicated and engaged audience tuning into their live stream every Thursday night. “Stage TEN from the very beginning created a consistency with our customers. People were excited to be a part of this new live concept for Bamblu.”

Bamblu has been using Stage TEN for over a year and plans to continue their weekly live shopping events for the foreseeable future.







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