Ways to improve your internet speed

If you're not getting the stream quality you want, follow these tips to improve your internet speed

Internet Checklist (for Stage TEN Directors)

  • The faster your internet is, the better your stream quality will be
  • Always use a wired ethernet connection for faster speeds and more stability than wifi  
  • Disable any ad-blockers, firewalls, or VPNs as they may throttle bandwidth
  • Run this speed test multiple times and compare your average upload speed and jitter:
    • You need a minimum upload speed of 15 Mbps
    • You need a jitter of no more than 30 ms 

      12-10-21_Speed Test_03-1

How to get faster speeds:

  • Connect to the internet using an ethernet cord.

  • Move your computer closer to your router/modem.

  • Dedicate your internet connection to your event. It's best not to share the connection when you are LIVE.

  • Consider changing locations to a stronger internet environment

  • Consider contacting your internet service provider to ask for latest modem/router or plan - often these can be upgraded at no cost (if you haven’t checked in with your ISP in a while).

  • Consider using a mobile internet solution (such as mobile wifi sticks, mobile hotspots, or bonded internet) (see below).


Example mobile internet solution: Mobile HotSpot + Wifi/Ethernet Bonded

What you need for hardware:

  • Mobile Hot Spot (MiFi), preferably with ethernet cable

  • SIM card with data plan for MiFi

  • Ethernet cable

  • Power Source for MiFi

  • Computer that meets minimum specifications

  • Power source for computer

  • Adapter for ethernet (if computer doesn’t have the input)

  • Black Magic Web Presenter for inputting camera

What you need for software:

  • Speedify.com - to bond MiFi with WiFi or Ethernet from hotel(s)

  • Latest version of Google Chrome

You can then set up Speedify to bond the internet connection (wifi or ethernet) from the hotel and the MIFI hot spot spot.

IF you want to be extra safe, you can get an internet stick from a different data provider to bond MiFi + internet stick with a different network (i.e. bond verizon and at&t so it will take the strongest networks)

If you are unable to maintain the recommended upload speed get in touch with us at support@stageten.tv or use the chat icon on this page.