Using Radeon ReLive to stream to Stage TEN

We make multistream and live video commerce easy. Connect ReLive to your Stage TEN account to stream directly to Stage TEN.

Connect your Stage TEN account to ReLive

1) Open Radeon Relive.


2) Click Connect.


3) Click Accounts.


4) Click on Stage TEN.


5) Login to your Stage TEN account
(If you don't have one, create one - here is the guide. Once created, come back to 'Connect your Stage TEN account to ReLive' ).


6) Authorize AMD to use your Stage TEN account.


7) ReLive is now authorized to stream to your Stage TEN account.
(If you see this confirmation message below, you are already authorized).

Start a Stage TEN broadcast

8) Go to

9) Sign in to your Stage TEN account.


10) Click 'Get Started'.

Start streaming to Stage TEN

11) Go back to Radeon ReLive.

12) Click @ReLive.

13) Click Streaming.


14) Click Cloud Streaming and select Connect.


15) Start streaming by hitting Ctrl+Shift+G.

Use your Relive Stream in your Stage TEN broadcast

Go back to the Stage TEN switcher.

Your ReLive stream will appear in the queue.

Drag your ReLive stream into the Live Sources column and use it to create scenes for your broadcast.

See: Getting Started

Make sure that Radeon ReLive is configured for best results with Stage TEN

Open Radeon ReLive

1) Click @ReLive.


2) Click Streaming.


3) Adjust your settings to recommended values below.


      • Streaming Profile: Custom
      • Streaming Resolution: 720
      • Streaming Bitrate: 2.5 Mbps
      • Streaming FPS: 30
      • Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps

4) Start your stream by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + G