Troubleshooting Your Guest Feeds

What to do if your remote guests cannot connect to your stream? Stage TEN lets you invite remote participants by webcam, mobile device and pro-cam.

Stage TEN lets you invite guests by webcam, mobile device and pro-cam. It also allows them to share their screen or bring in an RTMP feed from an encoder or studio.

If your guests are unable to connect as expected, here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  • Ensure your guests are using a Chrome browser via desktop or an Android Mobile Device. Guests with an iOS Mobile Device must download our free Stage TEN Connect app
  • Advise your guest to close any program that uses their camera such as Zoom, Skype, etc. Asking them to reboot their computer before connecting can also help ensure these programs won’t compete for camera access.
  • Ask your guests to enable all appropriate camera and mic permissions in their Chrome Browser. Extra permissions might be required depending on whether they are using Mac or Windows OS - see this guide for more details.
  • Guests in a school or office environment may be behind an internet firewall that is blocking video traffic. To test for this, see point 3 in this guide.
  • If all settings are fine and your guests’ feed is still experiencing issues, ask your guests to try the following:
    - Restart computer
    - Try connecting using a Chrome incognito browser
    - Try connecting using Firefox
  • If for some reason your connected guest loses the ability to hear or provide audio, sometimes a refresh of their chrome browser (which will disconnect them but then prompt them to join again) will fix the issue.