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5 Festive Features That You Need To Know

Deck yourself, before you wreck yourself! Check out some of the cool highlights and features available in Stage TEN.

Fill Your Sack with Media Assets

With Stage TEN, users can drag n' drop custom assets without breaking a sweat.  With a twinkle in his eye, add any videos, pics and music for your scenes, to make them sparkle like a star.

Hark!  We recommend using JPG, PNG, MP4 and WebM files for optimal performance of your images and videos.

Drag n' Drop Scenes like Gifts from St. Nick

The workshop elves built over 20 free layouts to bring dynamic looks to your scenes.  If you look closer, there are dozens of additional, unique scene layouts available to Subscribers. 

Even better yet, Subscribers can suggest new layouts for the elves to build... It's a virtual gift that keeps on giving!

Invite Festivus Friends to Join Virtually 

Every time you login to Stage TEN, an angel gets its wings... AND, a new invite link is created!  That link remains active for an additional nine login sessions.

This way hosts can invite guests to a broadcast ahead of time, while they prep for The Feats of Strength!  

Share the Joy with Loved Ones, Worldwide

Users with Creator+ and above have access to all of their previous broadcast recordings.  They can access those recordings, immediately after, by going to settings (gear icon, top right) > recordings.

Once downloaded, share and relive your favorite memories while, sippin' on some egg nog!

Broadcasts That Fit Better Than an Ugly Sweater

Seems like we missed something special under the tree.  If you look again, you might notice our new and improved Connect Client Interface!

To learn more about the client, click here.