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Live Commerce Stream Best Practices

Tips and tricks you can use to create the ultimate live commerce experience.

Do a dry run before your live sale event 

We recommend you always plan ahead and do a dry run of your broadcast prior to going live. This will allow you to make any changes you wish to make and create a seamless experience. 

Sharing your stream link

Invite guests to watch your stream through any messaging apps. Just click the share button on the bottom right of your screen to send your stream link.

share button

Changing the title of your broadcast

To differentiate the ‘name of your live sale’ from the ‘name of the product’, edit your title. Editing this will not change the ‘name of your product’ in your store and can only be done prior to going live.

Drive traffic to your broadcasts

Add the Stage TEN Channel Page to your site navigation and promote your broadcast on social networks ahead of time to drive your audience traffic to your live sales. 

Interact with your audience

Answer audience questions over video or in the chat. Get real-time updates on who purchased your products and thank them with personal shout-outs.  

Make your LIVE broadcast dynamic

Be personable, have a creative background, talk us through the details of your product, or do a tutorial as you show the product.

Mirrored camera views

If using the front facing camera while broadcasting, remember that it is mirroring your image. If you’re showing something with writing or text, we recommend using the rear camera instead to display your product properly. 

Changing the sales window and target during a Live sale 

Both prior to your live and during your live sale, you can change the Sales Window and and Target of your Promotion. To do so, click the settings icon on the top right of your phone screen and select Change Sales Window & Target.

Your Sales Window can be changed to extend or decrease your live time. Your Sales Target can be changed to reflect your existing inventory or create a sense or urgency with selling less items.  


Sell multi products one at a time during your live broadcast. Use this functionality to switch between your available product promotions during your live session at any time.

These promotions should be set up in your Shopify store prior to your livestream. This feature can be used for scenarios such as:

  • Hosting a flash sale and then surprising your fans with a new product launch.
  • Showcasing a whole collection of products one-by-one.
  • Moving to another promotion when your first product sells out.
  • Changing to a product being requested by your viewers.
  • Walking your viewers through your virtual store and giving them a personalized shopping experience.