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The Participant Connect Interface

Guests can join using a Camera, Screenshare or RTMP Source. Learn more about our exciting features to make your broadcasting great

Joining a Broadcast

1. When you click on the link to join a Stage TEN broadcast, you will see this login screen.

2. Enter your name and click the ACCEPT INVITATION button.


Choose the source in which you would like connect:

You can connect using a Camera & Mic, Screenshare or RTMP Source.


Camera & Mic

1. Click "CAMERA & MIC" and you will be brought into the broadcast.

2. Click the cog wheel at the bottom and select the Video and Audio source you want to use for this broadcast.




1. Click "SCREENSHARE", select a screen and click "Share".


2. Use the "Screenshare" button at the bottom of the screen to switch screens or stop sharing.


RTMP Source

1. Click "RTMP Source" and use the "RTMP Server URL" & "Stream Key" to connect to Stage TEN. 

2. Click 'JOIN' to enter the broadcast.


What you’ll see after connecting:

Quick Edit Done



Make changes to audio and video sources or feeds with controls. To switch between feeds and sources, click the cog wheel button at the bottom of the screen to see available options.

Switch on the fly

Participants can toggle between their own feed and the broadcast feed, with a single click. Seamlessly switch the main screen focus and see yourself in real-time.

Customize the look

Users can choose to hide or popout the backstage chat. To close your backstage chat, simply click on the ‘X’ on the bottom left of your screen then click "Hide Chat". To bring it back, click on the ‘quote bubble’ in the same spot.

Smooth Exits and Returns

Easily leave a broadcast once the show has concluded, using the Exit icon at the bottom right, and then Leave. You can go back into the same broadcast by clicking Rejoin.

More mobile friendly

Now participants can truly make your broadcast remote, using the same participant links on Android and the Stage TEN Connect on iOS.