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Step 4 | Go Live and Sell Products using the Stage TEN Mobile Studio

Start your stream and go live

When you're live, these are the buttons that you need to use.

For a more detailed explanation, see below.

22-02-09_Start your stream_02

  • Start and End your Stream

    • Tap the Go Live button to start your stream. You'll be given a 10 second count down before you begin.
    • Tap the Red Stop button to stop your stream.

  • Add an Image to your Stream

    • Tap the Show Image button. Then tap Add an image to add the image(s) you want.

      22-02-09_ss_03 (1)

    • Tap on the image you want to display and it will appear in the top left corner.
    • Tap the X next to your image to remove it.

  • Add a video to your stream 22-02-09_ss_02

    • Tap the Show Video button. Then tap Add a video to add the video(s) you want.
    • Tap on the video you want to display and it will begin playing full screen.
    • At the end of your video, it will stop playing and your camera will return. You can end the video early by pressing the Blue Stop button.
  • Add Text to your Stream (such as details about your products) 22-02-09_ss_0422-02-09_ss_05 

    • Tap the Show Text button. Tap Enter text to add the text you want. Then tap Save to save your text.
    • Tap Display and your text will appear.
    • Tap the X next to your text to remove it.
  • Display your Product on your Stream

    • Displaying your product is different than displaying your image, video, or text. Stage TEN pulls information about your product from Shopify and displays it.
  • 22-02-09_SS_07 (1)

    • Tap the Show Product button. Then Tap the product you want to show.
    • Toggle the Product Overlays options to control how your product will appear.
    • Tap the X next to your product to remove it.
    • Don't see the Show Product button? Tap the Start Sale button, once your Sale is active, you will be able to show products on screen.
  • Sharing your stream link

    • Tap the Share Link button to invite guests to watch your stream.
    • The information copied will have a link to your stream.
    • Note: If you haven't shared this link with anyone yet, only you will know where to view it so you can use it for practice
  • Switch your Camera or Mute your Microphone

    • Use the buttons at the top to control your camera and microphone.

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