Step 4 | Go Live and Sell Products using the Stage TEN Mobile Studio (Android)

Going Live from the Stage TEN mobile studio from Android

Note: In order to connect your Shopify Store to your Stage TEN Account, you must do so on a computer.

In the Stage TEN mobile studio, these are the buttons that you need to use. For a more detailed explanation, see below.

Start and End your Stream

1. Tap the Go Live button to start your stream. You'll be given a 10 second count down before you begin.

2. Tap the Red Stop button to stop your stream.

Display a Product Overlay on your Stream

Displaying your product is different than displaying an image, video, or text. Stage TEN pulls information about your product from Shopify and displays it. If you have not connected your Shopify Store yet, click here to learn how.

1. Tap the show product button

2. Chose what will display with the toggles and then tap the product you want to display

3. Tap the X next to your product to remove itAndroid Commerce

Don't see the Show Product button? Tap the Start Sale button, once your Sale is active, you will be able to show products on screen

Sharing your stream link

1. Tap the Share Link button to invite guests to watch your stream.

2. The information copied will have a link to your Interactive Player.

3. Share the copied link anywhere you want (If you haven't shared this link with anyone yet, only you will know where to view it so you can use it for practice).

Control your Camera & Microphone 

      • Use the button to flip your camera.

      • Use the button to mute or unmute your microphone.

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