Step 3 | Connect Your Social Media Accounts (iOS)

Multistream to social channels to reach a wider audience. Connect and stream to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and more

How to access the Multistream Settings

1. Tap the Multistream Settings button to get started.

2. You'll see that the channels already connected to your studio are on the list and you can enable/disable them for streaming with the toggle beside the destination. To edit the social channels connected tap 'Connected Accounts' at the top right to edit your connected accounts or tap 'Connect an Account' at the bottom of the screen to add an account without editing the channels already connected.

iOS destinations edited image 2

3. From the 'Connected accounts' menu you can tap the X beside a social destination to remove it or tap 'Connect an account' at the bottom of the screen to add a new destination. 


4. Tap on the type of account you would like to connect and follow the prompts from that platform.

 Platform Requirements & Limitations

  • YouTube: Your YouTube channel must be enabled for livestreaming.
    You can connect multiple YouTube channels
    • If you have any scheduled streams on your channel, the Mobile Studio can stream to them. Note: Scheduled YouTube streams are one-time-use
  • Twitch: You can only connect one Twitch channel
  • Twitter: You can only connect one Twitter account

Configure social posts (iOS only)

1. When you go live to one or more social destinations, the option will appear for your "Multistreaming social posts".
2. You can leave the default as-is, or tap Edit to change the title, description, and link that will be included in the post.
3. These fields will be applied to your social destinations, and will override things like the YouTube description you may have pre-populated. To avoid that, ensure to update your description in the Stage TEN Mobile Studio before you go live to a YouTube destination.