Step 2 | Create a New Sale / Select your Products and Set your Discount (iOS)

A ‘sale’ represents a collection of selected products, grouped together under one discount or product set

Note: You can connect your Shopify Store to your Stage TEN Account, using a computer or your mobile device.

Step 1 Tap start sale button

Step 2 Select the products you want to sell

  • The first time you connect to Shopify, you'll be prompted to select your products, immediately after connecting to Shopify.
  • The  icon shows that this product cannot be sold on the Shop App but can still be made available on your Interactive Player. To investigate why the product is blocked open that product in your Shopify store, it's details may need to be edited or it may need to be added to additional sales channels.  


Step 3 Select one of these four discount types then tap Done

You can always return to this step by tapping the Start Sale button.

Step 4 You can now go live with a sale, if you're ready.


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