Step 2 | Create New Sale / Select your Products and Set your Discount (Mobile)

A ‘sale’ represents a collection of selected products, grouped together under one discount


Tap start sale button and select the products you want to sell

1. The first time you connect to Shopify, you'll be prompted to select your products, immediately after connecting to Shopify.



2. You can always return to this step by tapping the Start Sale button.



3. Select one of these four discount types.

    • Tap Start Sale to make your products available once you go live
    • Tap Edit Sale to go back and re-configure your sale
    • If you tap Close, your sale will be configured and ready to be started later


    4. You can now go live with a sale, if you're ready.



    Tap the Shopify button to select the products you want to sell, add a discount and start the sale

    1 + 2-3


    1. Tap Add Products to select the products you would like to sell during the Livestream.

    1 + 3


    2. Tap Add Discount if you would like to add a discount to the products sold during the Livestream.

    1 + 4

    3. Tap Start Sale once you have selected your products and discount. This will close the current menu and create a button that will allow you to configure your products.

    2 +1

    4. Tap the tag button to select which product will appear on screen and the overlays that will display.  

    1 + 6


    5. Now your product will appear on screen and be available for purchase whenever you go live.


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