Step 2 | Create a New Sale / Select your Products and Set your Discount (Android)

A ‘sale’ represents a collection of selected products, grouped together under one discount or product set

Note: You can connect your Shopify Store to your Stage TEN Account, using a computer or your mobile device.

Tap the Shopify button to select the products you want to sell, add a discount and start the sale

1 + 2-3


1. Tap Add Products to select the products you would like to sell during the Livestream.

1 + 3


2. Tap Add Discount if you would like to add a discount to the products sold during the Livestream.

1 + 4

3. Tap Start Sale once you have selected your products and discount. This will close the current menu and create a button that will allow you to configure your products.

2 +1

4. Tap the tag button to select which product will appear on screen and the overlays that will display.  

1 + 6


5. Now your product will appear on screen and be available for purchase whenever you go live.


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