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  2. Create a Live Shopping Stream (Mobile)

Step 1 | Get the Stage TEN Mobile Studio and Connect your Shopify Store

Connecting your Shopify Store lets you sell products right on screen during your live stream

a. Download the app from the iOS App store

b. Log in or sign up for a FREE account now.

If you have used the Stage TEN Pro studio (the browser version), you can log in with your existing account


c. Create your Stage TEN account

Create your account with email (preferred) or social sign up (apple, google, facebook, twitch, twitter).

Social sign up automatically connects your selected social media to your Stage TEN account.


d. Allow the Stage TEN Mobile Studio access to your device's camera and microphone

e. Your Stage TEN Mobile Studio is now active

You can now stream to your Stage TEN Interactive Player using the Mobile Studio . Later, you can connect your Shopify store, and social destinations, but for now you can practice streaming.

Tap Copy Link to copy the link to your Stage TEN Interactive Player

If you haven't shared your Stage TEN Interactive Player link with anyone yet, only you will know where to view it, so you can use it for practice

Image from iOS (32)

f. Connect your Shopify Store

Tap connect Shopify to connect your Shopify account to your Stage TEN Mobile Studio

image (13)

Enter your Shopify Store name and tap Connect
Image from iOS (33)
Log in to Shopify by entering your Shopify login information

Accept Shopify Permissions to ‘Add sales channel’ and ‘Approve Subscription’
‘Add sales channel’ adds the Stage TEN sales channel to your shopify store, which enables you to create a live shopping stream
‘Approve Subscription’ lets Stage TEN charge a 5% commission on sales made through Stage TEN


Continue to Step 2 | Create New Sale / Select your Products and Set your Discount (Mobile).