Stream to Instagram using the Stage TEN Pro Studio


You must be granted access from Instagram in order to use 3rd party streaming software for live streaming on their platform.

Going Live Immediately

1. Open the IG Desktop site and click the "add post" button and select “Live” from the dropdown menu

2. Enter the title of your Live and select your audience.

3. On this screen you can copy and paste your stream key and stream token. (You'll need this info in the Stage TEN Pro Studio.)

4. In the Stage TEN Pro Studio, click the blue plus button above LIVE DESTINATIONS.

5. Choose RTMP, and Press ADD to add your new Instagram destination.

6. Paste your Instagram Server URL, and Stream key into the corresponding fields. And create a title for your destination.

7. Toggle on Instagram Destination.


8. Click “Go Live” within Instagram Live producer to start the stream.

Once live, Instagram Live Producer will show an event log to confirm that the stream is now live on Instagram.

Ending your stream

1. Click "End live" in Instagram Live Producer to end your broadcast.

2. Press STOP ALL in the Stage TEN Pro Studio.22-08-11_STOP ALL

NOTE: If you end your stream in the Stage TEN Pro Studio before you end your Live Producer broadcast, the Live will continue while displaying the last frame received from the Stage TEN Pro Studio.

Going LIVE to Instagram Scheduled Events

  • You can schedule your upcoming Live event up to 90 days in advance.
  • The scheduled Live’s title, date, and time will appear on your account’s profile where fans can sign up for reminders.
  • To schedule a Live, open the Live camera on IG Mobile and tap the schedule (calendar icon) button to start the workflow.

NOTE: All Instagram Livestreams are capped at 4 hours.