Stage TEN | Stream to Twitter

Follow these steps to stream to Twitter. You'll need access to Twitter's Media Studio.


Before streaming to Twitter, you must have access to the Twitter Media Studio, which Twitter explains is given on an invite-only basis.  If you do not have access to Media Studio, Twitter suggests reaching out to your account manager. Read more about Twitter Media Studio here. 

Going LIVE on Twitter (Immediately or Scheduled for Later)

Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter account

Step 2: Go to Twitter Media Studio

Step 3: Click Create Broadcast

Screenshot (1913)
Step 4: Add broadcast details

  • Create a Broadcast name
  • Select the category that best describes your broadcast

Screenshot (1914)-1
Step 5: Click Select a new source

  • Use the pull down option to select Create a New Source
  • Create a Source name
  • Select a region (select the closest region to you)

Screenshot (1916)Step 6: Access your RTMP URL and RTMP stream key here

  • You'll need to add these to your Stage TEN Studio

Screenshot (1917)-1

Step 7: Select your Audience Settings / Privacy

  • Set your privacy to Public or Private

Screenshot (1919)

Step 8: Select Start Immediately or Start Later 

  • Choose Start immediately to go live right away
  • Choose Start later to enter a date and time, and a Poster image / thumbnail
  • DO NOT click create broadcast yet

Screenshot (1920)

Step 9: Create a Custom RTMP destination in your Stage TEN Studio

  • Sign into Stage TEN
  • Go to Settings [gear icon, top right] > Manage Destinations > Custom RTMP > Click Add
10-25-21_RTMP SS
  • Paste the RTMP URL and RTMP stream key into the appropriate fields

    10-25-21_RTMP SS_02
  • Click Save


Step 10: Go LIVE on Stage TEN to send your stream to Twitter

  • Toggle your custom RTMP destination to send your stream to Twitter
  • This will send your broadcast to Twitter, but it won't go LIVE on Twitter yet

10-25-21_RTMP SS_03

Step 11: Check your Stream Preview, then go LIVE on Twitter

  • Preview your stream on the Broadcast details page
  • If you're going LIVE immediately, click create broadcast and you'll be LIVE on Twitter
  • If you're going LIVE later, after clicking create broadcast, your stream will on live on Twitter at your scheduled time. NOTE: You must be streaming from Stage TEN to Twitter before/at the time of your broadcast.  

Screenshot (1921)

Step 12: Share your Viewer link 
  • You can find your viewer link on the Broadcast details page
Screenshot (1922)
Step 13: End your Stream
  • On Twitter, click End on the Broadcast details page to end your Twitter stream
  • On Stage TEN, toggle your custom RTMP destination OFF to stop sending your stream to Twitter

Screenshot (1923)