Enable Shop Card (Mobile Studio)

This article outlines the steps to configure the Shop App entry point to connect and stream your interactive commerce broadcasts from the Stage TEN Mobile Studio

In order to connect your store to the app, you must have Shop Sales Channel installed.

Click here for steps on how to install the Sales Channel.

To learn how to add the Stage TEN Interactive Player to your store's page, go here.

Enable Shop Card (Mobile Studio)

  1. Launch the Stage TEN Mobile Studio from your phone:
    1. Enter your credentials if not already logged in.
  2. From an iPhone, click Commerce or the Shopping Bag icon on an Android device.
  3. Connect your Shopify store by adding the name and clicking Connect.
  4. Click Shop Hidden:
  5. Populate the following items for the Stage TEN card, under Customize Shop Store card
    1. Stream Title (max 50 characters)
    2. Start Stream Time (optional)
    3. Preview (pre-live)
      1. Before you are LIVE, this card will allow users to subscribe to receive push notifications when you go live.
      2. Image (3:2 ratio, with a minimum image size of 720x480x720x480px)
    4. Preview (live)
      1. When you are live, users can tap this card to view your stream and purchase products in the interactive player.
      2. Image (3:2 ratio, with a minimum image size of 654x436px)
    5. Shop Card templates and examples are available for download here
  6. Toggle on Show Stage TEN card on Shop Store
    1. This will make the cards visible to customers browsing your Shop Store
    2. Between the time this is enabled when you go live, customers will be able to subscribe and then be notified when a live starts.
  7. The additional toggle allows you to choose whether you want to hide the card at the end of your stream automatically, or not.

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact Stage TEN Support (support@stageten.tv)