How to connect your pro camera to Stage TEN

Ever wonder how to connect a pro camera to Stage TEN? Pro cameras are more than 1080 webcams; they are DSLR cameras that act as a webcam for a higher resolution image for your online streaming.

For a flawless feed with pro-cams, you will need:

  • Pro Cam/DSLR. 
  • Computers manufactured in 2018+.
  • A camlink / encoder. 
  • Appropriate cables for each set up.
  • A Tripod. 

Camera Recommendations

  • Recommended camera: Cannon R or R6 DSLR. 
  • A continuous battery that fits your camera. Note: there are different continuous battery for different cameras, so if you are using Sony, it will not work on a Cannon).

You will need to plug your camera into the encoder, and encoder into the computer. The encoder helps convert your  Make sure you have the right input to go into the computer. 

Examples encoders you can rent or purchase: 

  • Elgato Camlink: This is the easiest and the most compact out of all the encoders. You can use a USB adaptor to plug it directly into your computer. Plus, it’s hassle free! You can verify your camera compatibility here.
  • Black Magic Web Presenter: This is highly recommended but harder to come by. Check your areas to see which stores carry this but currently in 2021, it’s not as widely available for a week turn around. 
  • Black Magic ATEM: This is very easy to learn and has a flawless integration with your computer. Please check your area to see if you can rent and/or purchase. 

How to Connect via Elgato Camlink: 

1. Plug in your camera to the continuous battery. Make sure to align the cords so that you are able to shut your battery door. 

2. Turn on your camera. Note that your camera will automatically turn off if you do not put it in continuous video mode. If camera keeps turning off, check: 

a. Is Auto power on? To activate auto power off set auto power off under the settings and turn it to disable. 

b. If the Auto power is off, check your settings for the viewfinder. 

c. Make sure to check your settings for eco-mode and turn that off. 

3. Find the small HDMI from your computer to the regular HDMI on your encoder. 

4. Plug in the encoder to your computer. 

How you connect for each encoder may look different, so please refer to each individual “how to's” on the website to set up your pro cam successfully.