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Easier to use Recordings are now Available in Stage TEN

Stage TEN Studio recordings are now compatible with programs like Premiere Pro

The Stage TEN Pro Studio now provides post-processed recordings of your shows. Meaning both 1080p, and 720p recordings are compatible with applications like Premiere Pro.

To access your recordings, head over to the gear icon in the top right, then select recordings.22-05-19_Recordings_01

Here, you'll be able to access all of your recordings. You can choose between these three options. 

1080p, (or 720p), will give you your entire show, audio and video.
Selecting Raw will give you a video only recording in Stage TEN Raw format.
And selecting audio will download only the audio from your recording.

Keep in mind, these recordings take slightly longer to get ready. It'll take about 40% of the duration of your recording time. So be patient! They'll turn up soon.