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Preparing Your Participants for a Quality Stream

We make multistream and live video commerce easy. Tips on how to prepare your participants for a good, quality stream performance

Before you go live, make sure you can connect, and that you’re providing a good feed. To improve the quality of the feed, follow the steps below:

Have your participants run an internet speed test:

Participants should click here to run a speed test. Ensure that participants have an upload speed of 10+ Mbps. It’s possible to get away with less speed than that though. Connect to the internet using an ethernet cord for best results.

Before you go LIVE on computer

  • Download the latest version of Chrome

Before you go LIVE on iOS or Android device

Performer tips - follow these to look and sound your best

Find your light

If you don't have a camera-ready light kit, try using natural window light. Make sure you're facing the window so the light falls on your face and you're not backlit.

Sound Great

Make sure you're wearing headphones, so we don't hear echo or feedback in STAGE TEN. If you have an external mic, feel free to plug it into your computer. Otherwise, using headphones with a mic will improve your audio quality.

Think about your Backdrop

If you're on a laptop, think about moving somewhere with a clean background that's well lit. If you're on a desktop, think about sitting by a wall or creating your own DIY backdrop.

Camera at Eye Level

If you're using a webcam or laptop, make sure to angle it at eye-level for the best framing. You can stack your computer on some books or other items around your desk. If you have a tripod for your webcam or camera, even better!

Connection, Connection, Connection

We can't stress enough how important internet connection is for the quality of your picture. So if you can plug your computer directly into an ethernet cord, it would be ideal!