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Multistream your broadcast to multiple social channels

We make multistream and live video commerce easy. Simulcast your stream to multiple social channels and platforms to reach a wider audience

Stage TEN lets you broadcast to multiple social platforms, and to multiple accounts/channels on those platforms.

Connect to a social platform an Go Live

1. Go to Settings (gear icon, top right) -> manage destinations -> click on the social icon you want -> click connect.

Getting to Destinations on S10

2. Connect a social platform:

      • YouTube: Connect as many YouTube channels as you want (must be admin)
      • Facebook: Connect your personal Facebook profile, then select all the feeds, pages and groups you want (must be admin)
      • Twitch: You can only connect one Twitch channel
      • Twitter: You can only connect one Twitter account
      • LinkedIn: You can only connect one LinkedIn account
      • RTMP: If you have a Professional plan or above, you can use RTMP to connect to any social channel or website player you like

3. Once you've connected the platforms you want, you'll see them listed under LIVE DESTINATIONS in the Stage TEN Pro Studio.

Good Destinations 1


4. You can start broadcasting immediately to your connected social destinations by turning on each toggle switch.

Good Destinations 2


Accessing recordings

Whenever you go live, the Record Your Broadcast destination will turn on (see above). We record your broadcast in the cloud.

  • You can access your recordings (if you have a Creator+ plan or above) by going to settings -> recordings

Acsessing Recordings on S10