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Mobile Studio Live Stream Best Practices

Tips and tricks you can use to create the ultimate live experience from your mobile device

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LIVE Commerce Stream Best Practices

Do a dry run before your live sale event 

We recommend you always plan ahead and do a dry run of your broadcast prior to going live. This will allow you to make any changes you wish to make and create a seamless experience. 

Sharing your stream link

Invite guests to watch your stream through any messaging apps. Just click the share buttons shown below, to send your stream link. 

  • Tapping this will open a menu where you can copy a link to your Interactive Player, or share it directly to other platforms:

23-02-01_Mobile Studio_ss-png

Drive traffic to your broadcasts

Add the Stage TEN Channel Page to your site navigation and promote your broadcast on social networks ahead of time to drive your audience traffic to your live sales.

Interact with your audience

Be personable, answer audience questions over video or in the chat. Get real-time updates on who purchased your products and thank them with personal shout-outs.

Set up your LIVE broadcast equipment

Have a creative background. Set up some lights, or move to a bright area to make sure the audience can see your content clearly. Consider using a tripod if you're going for a professional feel. Test and listen to your phone's microphone to ensure the audience can hear your sound clearly. Consider moving closer to the phone if your sound levels are quiet.

Mirrored camera views

If using the front facing camera while broadcasting, remember that it is mirroring your image. If you’re showing something with writing or text, we recommend using the rear camera instead to display your product properly. 

Prepare your device

Make sure your phone is fully charged to avoid having it run out of battery during your broadcast. Set your phone to Do Not Disturb to avoid receiving distracting phone calls or notifications during your broadcast. 


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