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Step 6 | Leverage your social media accounts

Multistream to social channels to reach a wider audience. Connect and stream to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch and more

This feature is only available to users with a Starter, Creator or business plan Click here to upgrade

Simulcast to Social 

  • The Stage TEN Pro Studio can also stream to social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, and custom RTMP destinations
  • Social destinations, once configured, appear alongside the Stage TEN Interactive Player destination in the destination list, and can each be controlled by their own toggle
  • Note: Stage TEN's interactive SHOP and VOTE features can only be accessed by viewers on the Stage TEN Interactive Player. 
  • Click to find guides on connecting and going live for each social network

Share your broadcast 

Use the Share icon to generate automated notifications for Facebook and Twitter, or use the copy function to create your own announcement post letting people know where to watch.

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