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How to Use Video Loop and Auto-Switch

Incorporating videos into your live broadcast is easy with STAGE TEN. Learn how to control video playback for clean switches and automation.

Step 1: Add a video to your scene in the Scene Builder, and take it live with the The Switch Scenes -> Button.
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Step 2: Take your video live, you'll see a countdown and the following options appear below the The Switch Scenes -> Button.

  • Loop means that when your video ends, it will continue to play, starting again from the beginning. This is useful for title cards and end cards that don't look different when playing from the start or at the end. 
  • Auto Switch means that when your video ends, it will automatically switch to the next scene in the scene builder, provided that scene is valid (all areas of the layout are filled). If the scene in the Scene Builder is not valid, the current video will loop. Auto Switch is useful for making clean switches between scenes containing video. 

If you have more than one video in your scene, the timer will reflect the shortest of the two videos.