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Live Monitor | How to Know When You are Live

We make multistream and live video commerce easy. Find out how to know when you are live and what the headphone icons represent.

Live Monitor

The LIVE MONITOR is in the upper right of the Stage TEN studio that allows you to see what is being broadcasted.

How to Go Live

1. After you build your scene in the Scene Builder, and hit The Switch Scenes -> Button, your scene will move to the LIVE MONITOR. 

2. To push the live scene to any social destinations you want to go live to, click the toggle button beside it.  Once that happens, you're LIVE!

      • For those with a Creator +, Creator Pro, or Enterprise plan, you can create broadcasts without going live to a social platform.  By toggling the Record Your Broadcast option in Live Destinations

3. Once completed and you are no longer live, you can then access the recording, to either view or download, as a 'Live to Tape' broadcast. You can download your recording by selecting the gear/settings icon and then select Recordings. 

Headphone Icon

      • This toggle is used to control which screen (The SCENE BUILDER or LIVE MONITOR) you as the director listen to

      • Before you go live, the default state of this toggle is set to The SCENE BUILDER, but once you go live, the default moves to LIVE MONITOR
      • You can manually switch this from one option to the other, when required. The main reason in doing so would be to preview something in the SCENE BUILDER, prior to taking it live