Joining a Broadcast via Laptop or Desktop

How to participate in a Stage TEN broadcast on a laptop or desktop. What you need, how to prepare before you join the broadcast and how to join the broadcast


  • A Laptop or Desktop (the newer the better - the minimum RAM should be 4GB)
  • Make sure your computer is powered / plugged in throughout the broadcast.
  • Internet Access (always ethernet > Wi-Fi connection, min 10Mbps upload speed)
  • A webcam, microphone and headphones (or a headset with a mic attached)
  • The LATEST version of Google Chrome 
  • If you already have Chrome, open it and use these steps to update:
    • At the top left, click Chrome > About Google Chrome > Update


  • Consider your lighting. Natural light (from a window) is a great option. Always light yourself from the front (never from behind)
  • Position your webcam at eye level (rather that above or below)
  • Look into the webcam when participating in the broadcast
  • Use a more interesting background (rather than a blank wall behind you)

How to join a broadcast

1. Select the invitation link that’s been sent to you.

2. Close ALL other Chrome tabs and any other programs.

3. Enter your name (so the director can identify you) and accept terms & conditions.

4. Select ‘Camera and Mic’.

After joining the broadcast

  • See your Participant Status in the top left corner:
  • Communicate with the director and your fellow participants here:
  • Have a great conversation and have fun!