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Improving the Quality of Your Broadcast on Stage TEN

How to improve stream performance, and fix bad broadcast quality, how to fix lag, laggy, choppy, pixelated video.

If you are experiencing performance issues despite following best practices, follow these steps to help improve the quality of your broadcast.

First, make sure you've read the Ensure your Computer and Internet meet Minimum Requirements. The following steps are in addition to those tips.

1) Some computers have  both an integrated and discrete GPU. Learn to configure Google Chrome to Get the most out of your GPU.

2) Check the Chrome “Use hardware acceleration when available” setting
• Go to Chrome Menu -> Settings
• Scroll to the bottom and click "Show advanced settings..."
• Scroll down further to the "System" section
If the setting is already enabled, try experimenting with the setting off. In some rare cases, a video card driver can cause problems; using software to process the video can avoid a hardware issue.

3) If possible, match your Stage TEN output resolution to your camera's resolution.

• Mismatched resolutions will use additional CPU to convert the video to your selected output resolution.
    • Recommended Settings:
        • Resolution: 1280x720
        • Frame rate: 30 FPS
        • Quality: Medium, or about 80% (depending on your control)

4) If it's an audio issue you're trying to solve, take a look at this guide which should help: Resolving Audio Issues

If you're still experiencing poor quality broadcasts, you may require a computer with a discrete video card for using Stage TEN for high quality live streaming. 

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@stageten.tv.