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How to Add the Stage TEN Sales Channel to Your Shopify Products

If you're not seeing your Shopify products in The Stage TEN Pro Studio or Stage TEN Mobile Studio you may need to add Stage TEN as a sales channel to your products in Shopify.

Step 1: Open your Shopify store and click on products. Then click on a product you would like in your Stage TEN Studio not currently appearing

Step 2: Look for the 'Publishing' section within the product page, click 'Manage' then click 'Manage sales channels'.

Step 3: Check the box beside 'Stage TEN' to make the product appear in your studio, and check the box beside 'Shop' if you would like this product to also appear in the Shop App. Then click 'Done'

To learn how to connect your Shopify account and Stage TEN account continue to: Step 1 | Connect your Shopify Store to your Stage TEN account

Or to learn how to set up a sale in The Stage TEN Pro Studio continue to: Step 2 | Create New Sale / Choose your Products and Set your Discount