Graphic Deliverables for Tik Tok

If you're shooting in a 1920 x 1080 (16:9) frame and it will be cropped in into a vertical resolution in S10 here's the best overlay settings

  • Graphic Designer should deliver elements in 1080x1920 canvas with transparent background in PNG format. All graphics should have 100% opacity.
  • Files should be named according to the asset with a number in front so they will be sorted automatically in order of ROS when they are brought into The Stage TEN Pro Studio.

TikTok Safe Area

Graphics should be placed only in the graphic safe area only, This area will ensure populating comments do not cover the graphics when shopping items are pinned on screen.


Here is an example of the overlays built into TikTok while an item is pinned


Delivered graphic example (must have background transparent)