Stream to the Shop App using the Stage TEN Pro Studio

The Stage TEN Pro Studio allows you to connect to your store on the Shop App and Go Live. Follow these steps to learn how.

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What is the Shop App?

Step 1: Begin by clicking the Shopping Cart icon


Step 2: Click Get Started


Step 3: Add your Store Name and click Connect


    Step 4: Accept Shopify Permissions to "Add sales channel" and "Approve Subscription" 

    a. "Add sales channel" adds the Stage TEN sales channel to your Shopify store, which enables you to create a live shopping stream.

    Shopify Connect

    b. "Approve" lets Stage TEN charge a 5% commission on sales made through Stage TEN.

    Shopify Connect 2

    Step 5: Add Shop app to your Shopify store

    a. Enter your Shopify store and look for the search bar at the top of the page.

    b. Click "Apps" at the left side of the search bar  

    c. type "Shop Channel

    c. Click "Add app"

    d. You will be directed to this add page. Click "Add sales channel"

    Step 6: Make your products available on Shopify

    a. Login to Shopify and click 'Products'. Select all the products you want to make available and then the '...' that appears on the right hand side of the popup, click 'Add available channel(s)...'

    Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 3.29.16 PM (1)

    b. Ensure that Stage TEN and Shop are selected.

    Step 7: Ensure you do not have any sales active on Shopify

    If you have any automatic discounts active on your Shopify account, disable them as they may conflict with the commerce process on the Stage TEN Interactive player and cause errors at checkout. If you want to apply any discounts to your products use the discounts built into the Stage TEN Pro Studio.

    Step 8: Configure Shop in the Stage TEN Studio

    a. Click "Configure Shop"

    b. Upload images to "Pre-Live card" and "Live card

    image (7)

    Pre-Live Card: (Image that includes LIVE: name, date and time recommended)

    image: 600x450px

    title: 40 character limit

    Live Card: (Actionable name like: watch now recommended)
    image: 600x900px

    title: 40 character limit


    c. Ensure "Show card on Shop Store" is enabled. This will make your "Pre-Live Card" visible (can take up to 5 minutes)

    image (3)-2

    Between now and when you go live, customers will be able to subscribe to be notified when you go live


    d. Click "DONE"


    Step 9: Configure your sale

    a. Click "Create New Sale" at the bottom right

    b. select the products you want to include in your livestream and click "NEXT"

    image (8)

    Some products are ineligible to be sold on the Shop App such as tickets, mature content/services, cannabis/drug-related products, animals/animal products, weapons, etc. For more info on product eligibility click this link.

    c. Select what discount will be included in your livestream, if any

    image (9)

    d. You will now see the sale you created with all your products

    image (10)

    e. Click the toggle beside "INACTIVE" to enable your sale

    image (11)

    If the shop logo shows "Visible" and toggle shows "READY", you are ready to go LIVE and sell products through the Shop App 

    Step 10: Go Live

    Click the toggle to the right of "Stage TEN Interactive Player" to go Live to the Shop App


    Mobile Studio

    To go Live to Shop app from the mobile studio, follow steps 1-9. Once your shop is configured, active and a "Pre-Live Card" has been uploaded, going Live to the interactive player from mobile will also send to the Shop App.

    Want to learn more about the Shop app? Check out this article: 

    What is the Shop App?