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Get the most out of your GPU

Learn how to control your graphics card so Stage TEN can get the best performance from your GPU

Mac OS

  • Stage TEN recommends turning off the “Automatic graphics switching” setting for both the Battery and Power Adapter to ensure that Chrome is always using your highest performance GPU.
  • Check out this support article from Apple. Here they walk you through changing your graphics switching settings so that your computer uses one graphics card instead of two.

Windows 11

  • Go to Settings -> System -> Display -> Graphics -> Change default graphics settings.
  • Toggle on "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling"
    2-Windows11-Default Graphics Settings

Windows 10

  • Go to Settings -> System -> Display -> Graphics Settings.
  • Toggle on "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling"
  • Browse for a desktop app, select Chrome
  • Select Options and set the GPU to “High Performance”.
    22-03-03_Grphics Pref

If you are unable to find the above settings and you have an Nvidia GPU, use the Nvidia Control Panel to match these settings:

22-03-21_NVidia GPU Instructions