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Ensure your Computer and Internet meet Minimum Requirements

The quality of your stream is tied to your computer and internet performance - use this checklist for best results

Internet Checklist (for Stage TEN Directors)

  • The faster your internet is, the better your stream quality will be
  • Always use a wired ethernet connection for faster speeds and more stability than wifi  
  • Disable any ad-blockers, firewalls, or VPNs as they may throttle bandwidth
  • Run this speed test multiple times and compare your average upload speed and jitter:
    • You need a minimum upload speed of 30 Mbps
    • You need a jitter of no more than 30 ms 

      12-10-21_Speed Test_03-1

Hardware Checklist (for Stage TEN Directors)

Computer for the Pro Studio:

  • The newer and more powerful your computer is, the better your stream quality will be
  • Keep your computer fully powered (aka plugged in) throughout your stream
  • Close all non-essential tabs and applications 
  • Consider restarting your computer before beginning your Stage TEN session
  • Using a headphones will resolve any audio echo issues

iOS for the Mobile Studio:

  • You can download the Stage TEN Mobile Studio App from the App Store
  • You must have at least iOS 13.0 installed on your iOS device


Browser Checklist

  • Always use the latest version of Google Chrome. See this link to learn how to update
  • Stage TEN runs inside your Chrome browser. To get the best quality stream, always keep the Stage TEN Pro Studio tab visible on your screen. Never fully cover or minimize the STAGE TEN Pro Studio tab 
  • Consider running the Stage TEN Pro Studio in a second monitor (so it's never covered)
  • To get the best quality stream, always keep the Stage TEN Pro Studio visible on your screen.
    Never cover or minimize the Stage TEN Pro Studio
  • The Stage TEN Pro Studio will not run optimally, if you cover any part of the Studio tab

    22-04-04_never minimize the tab (2)


Troubleshooting Checklist

If your stream quality is poor, review these basic troubleshooting tips: 

  • are you using the latest version of chrome?
  • do you have a wired ethernet connection to your computer?
  • is your computer 100% powered and plugged in?
  • have you closed all other tabs and applications?
  • did you minimize or completely cover your Stage TEN Pro Studio tab?

Then, check out these advanced tips:

Or contact Stage TEN Support at support@stageten.tv