Things to Consider When Creating your Promotional Plan

Considerations for promotion before and after your live show.

For inspiration on how to promote your show, check out these promo examples from our partner brands' past shows here.


Build your promotional strategy

  • Organic: Figure out what organic channels (existing channels that you've built and grown over time, without paying for traffic or exposure) you want to promote on.
  • Paid media: If you have the budget, paid media is a powerful way to promote your shows. With paid media you are able to target your loyal customers, or a whole new audience of individuals with an affinity for your brand/products.
  • Live: Go LIVE on your main social platform the day of your show to promote the stream and get your audience excited. Remind them where/when to tune in, and why they’d benefit by joining (incentive).
  • Incentive: It’s important to offer something that will encourage your audience to tune in live. Incentives are proven to drive more viewership, engagement and sales. This could be in the form of a giveaway, discount, limited drop, access to the founder, etc.
  • Schedule: Promos should go out at least 3 days before a live show, with at least 1 follow up reminder.

Choose your channels

  • Email: If you have email subscribers, send them an email prior to your livestream, where they can directly add the event to their calendar. 
  • Mobile: If your customers receive text notifications from you, send them a text 15-30 min before you go live so they know to join the show.
  • Social: Share a promo graphic/video to your feed or go live to your preferred social platforms, letting your audience know when/where to tune into the livestream. More tips on promoting your stream on social platforms here.
  • Website: Feature the livestream in your header space or take advantage of a pop-up banner to notify site visitors.


  • Post a 15-60 second video with highlights from the livestream to recap the event, and encourage your audience to rewatch the full video-on-demand on your site.
  • You can also tag the featured product(s) in your post to incentivize more purchases.

Good luck!