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  2. Create a Live Shopping Stream (Computer)

Step 2 | Create New Sale / Choose your Products and Set your Discount

Choose which products you want to sell in your live shopping stream.

a. Click the Shopping Cart icon to get started

Screenshot (2031)

b. Create a new sale (or select a previous sale)

Click create new sale to get started, or, select a previous sale and click next to use the same products and discount as your previous live shopping stream.   

Screenshot (2030)

c. Select which products to sell

You can set your sale title in the upper left field (*optional: this title is for your reference and will not be shown to viewers)

Select and deselect products using the checkmark

Search for products using the upper right field (*if you can't find a product that should be there, try completing step 5 of this guide)

Once you have all the products you want to sell in your live shopping stream, click next

Screenshot (2033)

d. Set your discount

Set your discount for this sale

You can choose No Discount, Percentage, Fixed Amount, or Free Shipping

Note: your selected discount will apply to all products selected in your sale

Screenshot (2034)

e. Save your progress or Start Sale

Click done if you're not planning on streaming immediately. This will save your progress and make this sale be available as a previous sale next time.

The Start Sale button makes your products available for purchase when you stream to the Stage TEN Interactive Player, your Shopify store, or to an embedded player on your website. You must click the Start Sale button in order for the SHOP button to appear on your stream. 

Screenshot (2035)

The Start Sale button doesn't start your stream however. Start your stream by toggling on your Stage TEN Interactive Player under Manage Destinations:

Screenshot (2079) 

To learn how to direct your stream using the Stage TEN Pro Studio, check out our guides on How to Use the Stage TEN Pro Studio


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